Suspects believed to be seeking to steal smartphones were outsmarted by Farmington police earlier this month.

Farmington police were monitoring radio traffic across Dakota County Aug. 12 and heard that suspects had made off with stolen property from Verizon stores in Lakeville and Mendota Heights, according to Farmington Police Chief Brian Lindquist.

Police decided to wait outside the Verizon storefront in downtown Farmington to see if the suspects were headed there.

Within five minutes, the suspects arrived.

"When the vehicle showed up, they got out and broke into the store and started removing phones and the police called on their radios for backup," Lindquist said.

A Farmington police officer was waiting for fellow officers to arrive on scene when the suspects fled the scene.

After a high speed car pursuit, two men were apprehended when the chase ended in Lonsdale.

Farmington police are watching the store since it happened. The case is still under investigation, Lindquist said.