Washington County authorities believe four additional children were victims of a former School District 833 bus attendant accused in February of molesting six children.

Harvey Theodore Kneifl, 70, of Woodbury now faces a total of 10 felony charges of second-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly groping children over their clothes as they rode the school bus.

Each victim was 5 or younger at the time of the alleged incidents, according to newly filed charges Monday, Sept. 25.

Police arrested Kneifl Feb. 8, and he posted bail two weeks later.

South Washington County Schools placed Kneifl on paid administrative leave before launching its own investigation stemming from a complaint lodged against him Feb. 6.

The father of a 4-year-old girl reported that Kneifl sat next to the girl on the bus Feb. 4 and rubbed her leg and genitals outside her clothing, according to a criminal complaint filed in February. She told her parents that Kneifl, who was not the regular bus assistant, scared her with his behavior.

Investigators obtained video surveillance from the bus in January showing Kneifl aggressively touching three children the same way the 4-year-old girl described.

Footage from Feb. 3 showed a similar assault by Kneifl on three more children.

The children’s parents were notified of the incidents and three of the students were interviewed and examined by a doctor at the Midwest Children's Resource Center.

Kneifl said in a police interview that he liked to "tickle, poke and hug the children" and he would rub his hands on girls' thighs. He denied touching their genital areas.

The amended criminal complaint said additional victims have been identified through further review of video surveillance and additional reports from the MCRC.

The complaint noted surveillance footage from Jan. 20 showing Kneifl touching a 5-year-old girl's genital area separate times, along with another child who told her parents he had touched her genital area over the clothing.

Footage from the following week showed Kneifl rubbing the inner thighs and genital areas of two more children, the complaint said. Both of whom were 4 years old at the time.

Kneifl’s next appearance in Washington County District Court is scheduled for Nov. 15.