NEWPORT - A rash of burglaries on the southwest side of Newport seems to have died out, after the Washington County Sheriff's Office increased patrol in the area.

Bill Harrell, sergeant in charge of Newport, said about six homes around the 300 block of Seventh Street were burglarized or had attempts made on them.

A PlayStation was taken from one home, and a pack of cigarettes from another, he said.

The unknown suspects attempted to break into at least two other homes, but it appears they did not enter.

The burglaries were attempted during the daytime on homes that were unlocked or easy to enter. There were no signs forced entry, Harrell said.

Deputies founds fingerprints on one home and have sent them in for analysis.

Harrell said the burglaries stopped the week of March 5, after deputies added additional patrol in the area.

"It has stopped, I hope it continues to stop," he said.

Harrell reminded residents to secure their homes when they leave for work during the day.