FARMINGTON - Police believe they know the man responsible for vandalism at Farmington High School, thanks to a report from an anonymous witness.

Dakota County Attorney will review the case with Farmington police before formally charging the individual. If the man is charged, his name will become public.

Officer Tom Strese investigated the case and credited the witness for doing the right thing.

"This person provided specific details as to what took place and after talking with this person more we felt it was pretty credible and we started moving from there," said Strese, who also is the Farmington Police Department school resource officer.

The man is accused of painting profanity and graphic images on the exterior of Farmington High between 10:08 and 10:20 p.m. May 8. Video footage captured the crime in action along with a vehicle.

"We met with the individual and talked them through process that night and they ended up confessing to the crime," Strese said.

The male suspect was remorseful when interviewed at his residence, Strese said.

"It is unfortunate that damage occurred. Period," he said, but added it was good news the crime was not committed by a high school student.

"Nobody was upset with the principal, but just someone out having fun," Strese said.

The cost to paint the building's east side and cover the profanity could be several thousand dollars.

"They are working on estimates from the district side and the district is working on trying to find ways to replace or get it fixed - that is one thing we are waiting on," the officer said.

Gathering case tips on social media about the crime from the public, Strese said the department is grateful the witness came forward to share information.

Strese added, "It is their community, too. We don't want this thing type of stuff occurring because it gives us a bad name for our out-of-town people coming to visit Farmington High School and into the community."