HUDSON - The New Richmond man accused of shooting his son pleaded not guilty last week to first-degree intentional homicide in St. Croix County Circuit Court.

Kayle Fleischauer, appearing for the first time in court wearing street clothes after being released on bond the previous week, also pleaded not guilty to a second count - possession of a firearm by a convicted out-of-state felon.

The hearing brought a surprise request from St. Croix County District Attorney Michael Nieskes to hold Fleischauer without bail. The DA said he'd filed the motion with the court, but the announcement was news to St. Croix County Circuit Court Judge Scott Needham and defense attorney Earl Gray.

Reading from a copy of the motion handed to him, Needham outlined Nieskes' argument, which cited concerns with Fleischauer's lack of ties to Wisconsin and the "potential for flight."

Nieskes also objected to terms of the bond for Fleischauer, a now-unemployed IT worker, who is living with his mother in White Bear Lake, Minn. He said parameters of the bond, approved by Circuit Court Judge Michael Waterman before he was substituted at defense's request for Needham, are too broad.

"He's essentially given the seven-county metro area" to travel, Nieskes said in arguing that Fleischauer should be confined to his mother's home.

Gray countered that his client has abided terms of the $500,000 bond "in every way" so far and should not be subjected to greater restrictions.

"He's not going to do anything to violate that," the attorney said, reminding Needham that Fleischauer is also being monitored by GPS.

Needham decided against modifying the bond. He said Fleischauer has been compliant under the bond, which also requires absolute sobriety and regular check-ins with the county jail's day-reporting center.

Nieskes asked that Fleischauer's hours of activity be limited to 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in order for him to look for work, a request to which Gray objected.

Needham didn't change those parameters either, but said he would reserve the right to modify the bond as necessary.

The judge also granted Fleischauer access to his home - the house where authorities say Fleischauer shot his son Chase Fleischauer to death on April 14 - so he can prepare to sell it. Fleischauer can visit the home twice a week for two hours at a time to clean and maintain the property, the judge decided.

A pretrial hearing was set for July 17.