A registered sex offender was escorted out of Booster Days at Lakefront Park on Sunday, July 1, after he was seen taking photographs of juvenile girls at the event, according to a Hudson police report.

Police observed more than 400 photos in a folder titled "Booty" on the phone of William Mark Verhaigh, 41 of St. Paul.

Verhaigh was on a 10-year Minnesota sex offender registration after a 2012 conviction for possession of child pornography.

Police were first made aware of the issue when a group of girls reported a man taking photos and video of them and other girls at the carnival on Saturday, June 30.

Officers and event volunteers were not able to locate the man at the time, but staff noticed him at the event again the next day.

Verhaigh would not allow police to have his phone, but admitted to taking "a few" photos.

Police watched as he deleted the photos, but the process was slow, they said. Verhaigh told police he was deleting all of his family and vacation pictures as well. The report states the officers found that suspicious and told him to stop.

Verhaigh then said he would delete all the photos taken at the event. Officers confirmed the "Booty" folder was deleted.

Verhaigh was told to never return to the Booster Days events or he would be arrested for trespassing. An officer told him that police would "be respectful" to him and not confiscate his phone, according to the report.

Officers observed him leave the park on foot.

The Hudson incident did not result in any charges or citations.

A copy of the report was sent to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. As of June 2017 Verhaigh had no rules or guidelines from the bureau.