Hit and run suspect found

At 9:30 a.m. July 3, police were sent to East Cemetery Road just east of South Wasson Lane for a report of a hit-and-run accident in the 900 block. The caller followed the vehicle that struck their vehicle to an apartment complex. The caller had been driving behind a bicycle and decided to follow the bike through the roundabout. The vehicle behind the caller did not slow down and hit the vehicle of the caller. The caller got out to go speak with the other driver, but the other driver reversed and drove away backward. The vehicle was registered to Spencer T. Halverson, 32, River Falls.

When police approached the residence, they could hear Halverson's father yelling at him for being involved in "another accident" and being intoxicated. Halvorson could be heard saying that he was drinking but at least his laundry was done. He also said he did not care if he went to jail for six months.

When police knocked on the door, Halverson attempted to close the door, but an officer put a foot in the door jamb and said they needed to speak. Halvorson's father yelled at him to let police in and told the officer to take Halverson to jail. Halverson appeared drunk and asked to go use the bathroom as he had already urinated on himself. He was allowed to go.

When he returned he said he was driving and did not stop after the accident because he was already in trouble for a prior accident and drunk driving incident and did not know what to do.

He was asked to attempt field sobriety tests, which indicated Halverson was drunk. He refused a preliminary breath test.

He was arrested for OWI and taken to the police department. He also refused an evidentiary chemical test. Halverson had been arrested for OWI on June 24, but had not been convicted as of yet. Halvorson was booked, cited $861 and released to a sober adult .

Argument escalates

At 11:58 a.m. June 30, police were sent to the 1400 block of South Wasson Lane for a domestic disturbance. When police reached the residence, an officer recognized Tyson J. Elman, 19, who appeared to be sweating profusely and out of breath. He allegedly told police he was out of breath because he was "running for the fireworks." Elman's mother told police that Elman had had an argument with his stepfather. The argument was allegedly about Elman being kicked out of the house.

There was reportedly a physical fight between Elman and his stepfather, during which the stepfather's glasses were allegedly knocked off. The stepfather said Elman had been shooting off "roman candles" by holding them in his hand while a 7-year-old was watching. Elman's stepfather said he asked Elman to set up the roman candles properly and not teach the child unsafe practices. The stepfather said that at this point, Elman grabbed him, and began punching and striking him, and in the process, knocked his mother over.

Elman was arrested. As he was being cuffed he allegedly told police "I'll use self-defense if I need it!" He was taken to Pierce County Jail.

Sticky fingers

• At 11 a.m. July 3, police spoke with a woman on the phone who reported she may have fallen for a scam and sent $7,500-$12,000 in gift cards to a man who identified himself as James Greene over the phone. Greene allegedly told the woman there was a problem with her computer's Microsoft Windows operating system. She allowed him to connect via remote access, and "fix" the issue, then told her about a way to make money, but only if she bought him gift cards and sent the numbers from the back of the cards to him first.

• At 4:11 p.m. July 6, staff at Little Caesars, 705 A N. Main St., reported a ladder stolen.

Definitely not the cat

At 6:46 p.m. July 4 police were sent to the 700 block of North Main Street for a report of a burglary not in progress. The residents told officers an intruder had been in their home at around 2:30-2:45 a.m. They were woken by the sound of pots and pans in the kitchen. At first they thought their cat was making noise but noticed the noise for the air conditioner changed as if someone walked in front of it.

They allegedly heard more noises from the living room, and the refrigerator door opening. One resident got out of bed, left the bedroom and saw a white man with a white tank top and longer hair run out the door and head toward Main Street.

The residents said the PlayStation game console and TV were unplugged and a picture frame near the TV was turned over. The residents said it seemed the intruder was trying to steal the PlayStation and TV but was interrupted by the resident waking up and coming into the room.

The residents also reported scratch/pry marks on the front door jam, and a scratch on the plate of the door handle/mechanism. There had been a gap on the wood trim, the residents reported, but a resident had put it back into place.

Juvenile arrests

• On Thursday, July 5, a River Falls officer pulled over a vehicle for speeding at the River Falls Golf Club, 2120 E. Division St. The driver, a Hudson juvenile, said he was not paying attention to how fast he was diving. While talking with the driver, the officer could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. When asked if there was any marijuana in the vehicle, the driver told police not to his knowledge, but that if there was, it would likely belong to either of two of his passengers. The driver told the officer the last time marijuana had been smoked inside the vehicle was two weeks ago. He also said the group was coming from a friend's residence, and they had smoked marijuana there.

During a search of the vehicle police found a glass pipe with burnt residue, which smelled of marijuana, two Ziplock bags containing marijuana, a wrapper from a THC-based e-cigarette fluid inside a River Falls juvenile's bag, and blunt rolling papers inside the same juvenile's bag. The driver said the glass pipe belonged to his brother and denied owning the marijuana.

A River Falls juvenile, who had been sitting behind the front seat, under which the marijuana was found, told police he did not own the marijuana. Police told the driver that if no one told him who owned the marijuana, the driver would be held accountable for it. The driver said the River Falls juvenile owned it. The River Falls juvenile continued to deny that the marijuana was his.

He was arrested for possession of marijuana. The driver was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. The three other passengers were given a courtesy ride to Kwik Trip where an adult picked them up. The driver and River Falls juvenile were taken to the police department, and a parent contacted for each. The driver was cited $187 for possession of drug paraphernalia and $98.80 for speeding, and released to a parent. The River Falls juvenile was cited $92.50 for possession of marijuana and released to a parent.

• At 2 p.m. July 6, police were sent to the 700 block of North Main Street for a report of a River Falls juvenile going through unlocked vehicles. Police later spoke with the juvenile and his mother in a hotel room. The mother gave police permission to search the hotel for stolen items. Police found $17 in cash that did not belong to the juvenile or his mother, a nicotine vape pen, a bag of marijuana, a glass smoking device, and a lighter. The juvenile said he paid for the vape pen and did not steal it from a car. He was arrested and booked for possession of marijuana, juvenile possession of nicotine, and theft. He was referred to Pierce County juvenile intake and returned to his mother.

Traffic troubles

• At 1:40 p.m. Friday, July 6, police were sent to a one-vehicle roll-over accident. The driver, Lydia Sarah Scott, 18, River Falls, had reached for a water bottle in the backseat for her young daughter, who was in the vehicle, left the roadway, went into the ditch and rolled once. She was cited $111.40 for inattentive driving.

• At 2:11 a.m. Tuesday, July 10 police observed a vehicle with a headlight out on Walnut Street turn north onto Main street. The vehicle was pulled over and the driver identified as Jody T. Westbrook, 47, River Falls. A records check showed that Westbrook's license was revoked due to an OWI. He was arrested, cited $250 for operating while revoked, booked and released.

Card game goes awry

At 11:55 p.m. July 4, police were sent to a residence in the 1400 block of Emery Circle for a possible domestic incident. When they arrived, police could hear yelling. Two residents said they had invited Michael M. Madsen, 37, Prescott, and Jaime L. Kasel, 35, Prescott, to their home, drank alcohol and played a card game.They said Kasel became upset during the card game and attempted to drive home, when Madsen went outside to stop her. They said Kasel struck Madsen in the head and face. There was a scratch on Madsen's forehead visible to police. He told police this happened when he was trying to remove her keys from the vehicle to prevent her from driving while intoxicated.

Madsen was out on felony bail bond, which ordered no abusive contact with Kasel and no drinking alcohol. A preliminary breath test reading "did indicate that Michael (Madsen) was intoxicated" according to the report. Kasel told an officer that Madsen had punched her in the face and she felt the left side of her face was swollen. Kasel said she had been drinking alcohol with Madsen and their hosts.

A records check showed Kasel was on probation and was not allowed to drink alcohol. A preliminary breath test gave a .178 result. Kasel was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct.

Probation also placed a hold on her. She was taken to Pierce County Jail. Madsen was taken to Pierce County Jail for felony bail jumping.

Assault witnessed

At 6:54 p.m. July 7, police were sent to a residence in the 500 block of South Wasson Lane for a domestic incident. A man and woman were fighting physically in the driveway, according to the caller. The man had allegedly thrown the female to the ground in the roadway, grabbed her by the throat and started slamming her head onto the curb. When police arrived the man and woman were standing in the driveway yelling but not physically fighting. The two were separated.

The woman said the man she had argued with was Deandre Laval Ward, 33, River Falls. She said they and other friends had gone to the Apple River in Somerset. On the way back, the two got into an argument over some "jealousy issues." Ward is the woman's ex boyfriend. The woman said she attempted to get out of the vehicle and Ward pushed the door closed, grabbed her by her hair after she had exited, and threw her on the ground. She said she tried to get back up but Ward allegedly threw her back on the ground and started to drag her out into the roadway. She said she remembered Ward putting his hands around her throat and putting pressure on it. She said her brother was able to get Ward off of her.

Ward said he and the woman began arguing in the vehicle on the way back from the Apple River, about turning the music down, until it became a verbal and physical argument in the car. Ward said he believed the fight began because the woman was jealous of him interacting with other women at the Apple River. Ward said the woman began to hit and punch him in the car.

When asked what happened at the residence, Ward said he got out of the car and the woman continued to attack him. He said he defended himself by attempting to push her away.

Ward's driver's license was suspended, though he admitted to officers he drove home from the Apple River.

The officer said he could see some small cuts and scrapes on the woman's neck and knee. A witness reported that Ward had body-slammed the woman into a vehicle, pushed her down, flipped her over and onto the pavement, grabbed her by the throat and started slamming her head and face into the curb while the witness was on the phone with 911.

Ward was arrested for strangulation, suffocation, disorderly conduct and battery and taken to Pierce County Jail. When he was informed he was going to jail, he tensed up and resisted slightly, yelling that he didn't want to be guided into the squad car.

Domestic battery

At 11:30 p.m. July 8, officers were sent to the 500 block of South Wasson Lane for a fight in progress. Two individuals had allegedly been fighting in a bedroom and one person involved, Leslie Angelica Walker, 20 River Falls, had fled the scene. Walker and her fiance have a history of domestic violence, the report stated. The fiance had a black eye, cuts and scratches. He said Walker was upset because he had liked another woman's social media update. He said she walked up to him in the kitchen and punched him in the eye. He said they then fought and he admitted to hitting her a few times "because she was out of control."

He said she left for awhile and returned at 11 p.m. She allegedly became upset while they were talking in the bathroom and approached him to fight again when her phone fell in the toilet which upset her more. He said he did not damage it.

Walker had a bruised lip and small cut on her nose and scratches on her arms. She said at about 8 p.m. she had picked her fiance up after he had gotten drunk with a friend. She told him he needed to spend less time with this friend. At this point she said the fiance became upset, pulled her hair and hit her. She said she did not hit her fiance in the face, but later admitted to punching him in the face in the car. She denied fighting at the apartment once they were inside and said all the fighting was in the vehicle. She said she left, returned about 11 p.m., spoke with her fiance in the bathroom, and they eventually argued. The fiance blew a .15 on a preliminary breath test. Walker also submitted to a PBT, which showed she was intoxicated. She arrested for domestic battery and domestic disorderly conduct.