On Wednesday July 25, River Falls Police were sent to an address in the 200 block of Union Street for a report of graffiti on the garage door of a residence.


Sticky fingers

• At 8:15 a.m. July 27, a woman reported a theft from her vehicle parkend in the 100 block of North Winter Street. She said she noticed her front passenger door was ajar when she went out to her vehicle. She alleged the contents of her glove compartment had been gone through and most of it left on the front passenger seat. She said the only thing missing was a savings account book for an old account that has been closed for a couple of years, which resembles a checkbook. The woman said she didn't lock her vehicle as she hadn't had problems in the past. She said she would talk to the bank to make sure no one tries to reopen or use the account associated with the stolen account book.

• At 11:51 a.m. July 27, a woman reported her wallet stolen at Walgreens, 1047 N. Main St. Police met the woman at Walgreens. The store had the theft on video. The woman had just purchased a card and was addressing the envelope on a display rack across from the checkout. She had set her wallet down on the display while she wrote out the card. She returned a pen she'd borrowed from the cashier, and left the store forgetting her wallet. She said within five minutes she realized she'd forgotten it and returned to find her wallet gone. She checked with the store and the wallet hadn't been turned in. In surveillance video, a suspect described as a white female in the checkout line saw the wallet, picked it up while the cashier wasn't looking, then returned to the checkout line.

• At 10:06 a.m. July 28, police were sent to the 1200 block of Bartosh Lane for suspicious activity. A garage and vehicle had allegedly been entered during the night. A woman told police someone had entered her and her husband's garage and a vehicle that was parked inside overnight. The couple said they've been having trouble with the garage door. When a neighbor a few garages down uses his garage opener, their door also opens. In the morning, their garage door and the vehicle's front passenger door was open. The glove compartment and console had allegedly been gone through. The wife said all that was missing was a roll of quarters. There was reportedly no damage to either the vehicle or the garage door.

• At 2:20 p.m. July 29, police were sent to Dick's Fresh Market, 1121 S. Main St., for a retail theft. The suspect had left the store and police attempted to locate him. Store management told police the man had entered the store and left with nothing in his hands. The manager suspected the man stole deli chicken. When confronted by the manager, the suspect allegedly said he had deli chicken in his backpack. When asked to come back in the store, the man left the parking lot on foot, got into a green four-door sedan with a black rim on the driver's side and drove north on State Street. The vehicle was not located at the time of the police report. A store manager estimated the stolen chicken was worth $25.


Slashed tires

At 10:11 a.m. July 29, police were sent to the 1100 block of Bartosh Lane for a damaged property report. The owner had illegally parked a vehicle in the 1100 block of Bartosh Lane the previous afternoon, and upon returning to the vehicle that morning, found all four tires flat, with cut marks in each tire. A woman said she has been harrassed, and friends of hers have also been harrassed off and on by a man for the last three or four years.

The owner of the vehicle said a year or so ago he had called the man who has allegedly harassed the woman asking him to stop, but the other man allegedly tried to goad him into a confrontation. Since then the vehicle owner had allegedly had no contact with the other man.