Property damage

• A phone box was reported damaged on Bridgewater Trail at 11:30 a.m. Friday, Aug. 3. The complainant said the wires were cut inside the box by unknown individuals.

• Vehicle damage was reported at 3:40 p.m. Monday, Aug. 6 on Division Street. The owner returned home from being out of town for the weekend and discovered someone had struck the parked vehicle. The vehicle was last seen undamaged on Friday, Aug. 3. A large dent was in the front driver's side panel as well as a deep scratch mark running from the front driver's side bumper past the middle of the driver's side door. The driver's side mirror was also scratched and pushed in.

Blackberry bush cut down

Police were called to Eighth Street for a civil dispute over blackberry bushes at 5:39 p.m. Friday, Aug. 3. The complainant said the bushes behind her garage had been cut down. There is a property divider fence near this garage. She said she was unable to make contact with her neighbor, and was not aware of the correct property line between the two properties. An officer made contact with the neighbor, who said she was tired of the bushes growing over and through the fence. She said she owned the fence and has not been able to make contact with her neighbor. She was informed not to go behind the fence to remove weeds and brush and to contact law enforcement with any future concerns regarding city ordinance violations.

Sticky fingers

• Sandra May Schumann, 35, Eagan, Minn., and Marco Antonio Garcia, 32, St. Paul, were cited for shoplifting from Walmart on Crest View Drive at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 3. Staff informed police a woman was observed stealing merchandise in a black tote, walking out and getting into a black vehicle driven by a man. The vehicle stopped and the woman got in to drive while the man switched to the passenger seat. A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle matching the description and plate. Schumann said she was heading home from the title loan store. Garcia denied any knowledge of the theft. The black tote described in the complaint was found in the back seat of the vehicle. Inside the tote were several clothing items, a home theater projector, a wrist-worn activity tracker, a bottle of engine oil and several office supplies. The merchandise totaled approximately $200. The items were seized and returned to the store. Schumann was issued a citation. Garcia was transported to the jail for a book and release and later issued a citation.

Walnut Street confrontation

A threat complaint was made at 10:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 3 after a confrontation on Walnut Street. A man said he and his wife were leaving a restaurant when they ran into a man known to them as well as an unknown man at the door. The two men began hassling the complainant about an incident that occurred a few years ago, and followed them out the door. The complainant said as he and his wife started to walk away, the man he knew said he was going to kill him. The complainant said he just wanted a report on file. An officer called the known man but was unable to make contact.

Suspected 'Molly' slip

Police responded to Hudson Hospital at 1:40 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 5 for a woman who believed her fiance had been drugged at a bar earlier in the night. Staff said the man was brought into the hospital by the girlfriend who said someone had slipped him something. According to hospital staff the man was intoxicated with a blood alcohol content of 0.20. and possessed symptoms of having ingested ecstasy. The woman said they were at the bar in downtown Hudson for about two and half hours and the man had four drinks. When they left the man's behavior began to change and he was acting strange, couldn't speak clearly and was having body spasms. She said he did not have any type of narcotic while at the bar. She said while there she heard several people asking for "Molly," the street name for ecstasy. She said she did not have any idea who slipped something in her fiance's drink, but she believes it happened at that bar. She did not believe it was staff because they make drinks in front of the consumer, and she overhead people talking about "Molly" near the dance floor.

Hotel hullabaloo

A man called police to Holiday Inn Express on Gateway Boulevard at 8 p.m. for a credit card lost by hotel staff. The man said he had tried to pay for his room with his wife's credit card but was told he wasn't able to do so. He said when his wife came back to pay the front desk, she never got the credit card back. Video footage showed the clerk returning the credit card to the wife. An odor of intoxicants was detected from the man. Hotel management asked the man to leave with a full refund, and an officer was asked to assist to ensure they left with all their belongings.


• Brian Lee Tucker, 37, Burnsville, Minn., was arrested on a warrant at 8:12 a.m. Monday, Aug. 6 in a parking lot on Pearson Drive after a call for a suspicious person in a vehicle.

• Victor Hernandez Hernandez, 20, Hudson, was arrested on a warrant at 1:27 p.m. Monday, Aug. 6 at Hudson City Hall. Hernandez had been made aware that officers were looking for him, and went to the municipal courthouse in an attempt to take care of it. A court staff member called to ensure he would be pointed in the right direction to take care of the warrant. The warrant was "body only," and Hernandez was taken into custody and transported to the St. Croix County Jail.