Caycee Lynn Bregel has been charged with 13 counts of animal cruelty in the connection with the death and neglect of cats.

Bregel, 25, a former owner and operator of Minnesota Animal Rescue, was arrested in May after a search at her rural Castle Rock rental home found dead and neglected animals.

Bregel has been charged with one felony count of mistreatment of animals and 12 misdemeanor counts of mistreatment of animals.

The Dakota County Sheriff's Office worked with the Animal Humane Society to conduct the animal cruelty case investigation.

On May 9, the sheriff's office was dispatched to her Castle Rock rental home after a report came in about a pig running loose on the property. A deputy reported a foul odor coming from the house.

After the residence owner was contacted and Bregel arrived, sheriff deputies entered the residence to find many uncaged dogs, cats, and garbage and animal feces covering the floors, walls and windows.

The search uncovered 64 dead cats and more than 40 other neglected animals that were skin and bones.

According to the criminal complaint, Bregel took in 144 cats and a dog from Animal Humane Society from July 2014 through February 2018.

In April 2017, sheriff's deputies were called to the rental property about reports of dogs and cats inside the home, along with a pig running loose.

Dakota County Public Health Department condemned the house.

Bregel is scheduled to make her first court appearance Oct. 1.