A 45-year-old man was charged with felony hit and run-involve injury Sept. 24 after he allegedly failed to report hitting another vehicle, drove away and caused injuries to the other driver on June 23 in the town of Trimbelle.

Ty Robole, Ellsworth, allegedly hit a vehicle driven by Benjamin Gaard, 32, as the two drove opposite ways around a corner on 570th Avenue towards County Road J, according to a Pierce County criminal complaint. When Robole was questioned by police on July 6, he said he did not stop because he believed that the other driver, Gaard, had continued to drive away.

According to the complaint:

Gaard told police on June 23 he had to quickly try and swerve away from the other car, but was still hit. The accident led to a damaged driver's side mirror, window and other parts of Gaard's vehicle, and led to Robole's truck losing its driver's side mirror and having some damage. After speaking with police, Gaard was treated at Hudson Hospital. Police observed multiple cuts on his left arm and his shirt was soaked with blood.

Police identified Robole and his truck on July 1, and interviewed him July 6, when he confirmed he was involved in an accident.

Robole said that someone had struck his vehicle, and that he and his wife had attempted to find the other person involved that night, but were unable to find them. He said that the two of them later got into an argument that night about reporting the accident and he decided to not report the accident.

Robole said he was unaware that Gaard had received medical treatment.

According to court records, Robole posted a $2,000 signature bond on Sept. 24, and has a preliminary hearing in Pierce County Circuit Court on Nov. 15.