Traffic troubles

• At 4:19 p.m. Friday, Sept. 28, police responded to a three-vehicle accident near the intersection of Main and Cedar streets. Two people said they were stopped in traffic when they were struck from behind by a driver later identified as a Elaine Ohmann, 17, New Richmond. A witness allegedly saw Ohmann using her cell phone at the time of the accident. The juvenile denied using her cell phone but said she was looking off to the side instead of in front of her at stopped traffic.She was cited $111.40.

• At 11:58 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, Codie Robert Dodd, 27, West. St. Paul, drove the wrong way on Spring Street, which is a one way street, into the path of another vehicle. Dodd was cited $98.80 for failure to obey traffic signal/sign.

• At 1:05 p.m. Monday, Oct. 8, a 16-year-old Princeton, Minnesota, juvenile, tried to make it through the yellow light at the intersection of Foster and Main streets. Another driver on Main Street reported seeing the green light, waiting three seconds and turning on North Main Street. The second vehicle did not see the juvenile's vehicle and the juvenile struck the other vehicle. The juvenile was cited $98.80 for for violating a red traffic light.

Sticky fingers

• On Sept. 30, a woman reported that four unauthorized charges were made to her account, which "cleaned the account out." The bank reportedly refunded the money.

• At 1:50 p.m. Oct. 2, a vehicle turned onto Sixth Street from Elm Street without yielding to a police officer's vehicle. The officer looked at the intersection and realized the yield sign was missing and reported it to the River Falls street department. A temporary stop sign was placed there, and the yield sign was set to be replaced later in the day. The value of the sign and pole was approximately $50.

• At 7:25 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3, police were sent to ShopKo, 1777 Paulson Road, for a retail theft. The suspect, Tianna Joye Schott, 18, Mankato, Minnesota, was apologetic and cooperative. Loss prevention staff told police that Schott had taken the price tag off an "age rewind" concealer and attempted to hide it in the waistband of her pants. She admitted to taking the item without intending to pay. She said she did not have a lot of money, as she is a college student, and was afraid she would not have enough money to pay for her prescription medicine that she also picked up from ShopKo as well. She was arrested for retail theft, booked, cited $187 for retail theft and released.

• At 5:59 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, River Falls police were sent to ShopKo where two women had allegedly been caught shoplifting. ShopKo loss prevention staff said they had seen the two women, identified as Cora Kay Raskovich, 18, Mankato, Minnesota, and Kaitlin Ryanne Gorman, 18, Belle Plaine, Minnesota, attempting to shoplift on closed circuit television. Raskovich had a pair of women's socks in her hands, selected a necklace, removed the tag, and put the necklace in the pocket of her hooded sweatshirt. Raskovich also removed the tag from a knit cap and put the cap in the back of the inside of her sweatshirt. Staff saw Gorman select two pairs of women's socks and remove the tags. The two women hid the socks in their hooded sweatshirts. Staff also saw Raskovich remove the tags from a pair of mittens and put the mittens on her hands. Both women left the store without attempting to pay for any of the concealed merchandise. Staff met the women outside and escorted them to the loss prevention office. The unpaid-for items were recovered. The items Raskovich took totaled $74.07 in value. The items Gorman took were valued at $22.86. They were arrested and cited $187 for retail theft.

• On Oct. 7, a resident reported his vehicle missing after being at a house party the previous night in the area of Third and Elm streets.The resident later called back to say the vehicle had been found. A friend had moved it during the night.

Caught shoplifting again

At 3:47 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 7, police were sent to ShopKo for a shoplifter in custody. Upon arrival police "immediately recognized" Ashley Nicole Bougie, 34, River Falls, as a prior retail theft suspect. Loss prevention staff saw Bougie walk out of ShopKo without paying for multiple items in her cart and on her daughter's person. On closed circuit TV, staff saw Bougie select a girls' shirt and hooded sweatshirt, remove the tags from them, and put them on her daughter. Bougie also took and concealed three knit hats, mittens and gloves. She placed these under a dark-colored jacket already inside her cart. She went around the store selecting items and putting them in her cart. Bougie went through the checkout, paid for various items, but made no attempt to pay for the jacket, items underneath it, or items her daughter was wearing.

She was stopped by staff after she exited the store. The total value of the unpaid items was reported $153.24. Bougie followed police to the police department. Her husband arrived to take custody of the daughter.

When asked what her intent was going into shopko, Bougie said she had intended to buy a pair of boots for her daughter. When asked If she had the money, she said she did. When asked if she had the money for the rest of the items she had not paid for, she said she did.

When asked when she decided not to pay for the rest of the items in her cart, she said she decided not to pay for all the items in her cart when walking up to the checkout line, because she knew her husband would get upset with her for spending money. Bougie said the cashier never asked her for the other items in her cart. She admitted she had shoplifted before from ShopKo but was not caught. She was given a no-trespass notice from ShopKo. A report was sent to the St. Croix County DA's office and Bougie was arrested for retail theft

Combing through vehicles

At 11:49 p.m. Oct. 2, police were sent to the 100 block of West Cascade Avenue for a theft from a motor vehicle in progress where a caller allegedly saw a man going through vehicles. The suspect was located on Winter Street riding a bicycle. Eric James Pestorious, 29, River Falls, consented to a preliminary breath test, as police could detect "a mild odor of alcohol." He received a .081 result.

When asked why he was biking away from West Cascade so quickly, Pestorious said he knew he was going to be in trouble because the witness had called police. Pestorious said he was looking through trash and garbage bins for scrap metal as he was unemployed. When asked why he was leaving the area so quickly, if he believed he was not doing anything wrong, he said he wanted to leave the 9-1-1 -caller behind, who reportedly saw Pestorious go into two vehicles. In his pockets, police found $3.35 in coins, a $1 bill, a $5 bill, "Tops" fine cigarette papers, an 8-ounce bottle of Bath and Body Works body lotion, four sticks of chewing gum and a red Bic lighter. Pestorious also had a pair of pants around his shoulders, a black Gerber multi-tool, and a red flashlight.

Pestorious denied stealing anything from vehicles and said he was looking through trash. He said the items he found, such as the lotion and the pants, were from garbage bins. Pestorious said he collected Bath and Body Works lotion and sometimes receives this as a gift. He told police he rolls his own cigarettes, which is why he had the "Tops" rolling papers. Pestorious was taken to the police department to be questioned further.

Police made contact with the owner of one of the two vehicles, who checked the vehicle and reported $2-$3 in coins missing. At the police department, Pestorious said he had been drinking at Maverick's Corner Saloon earlier in the evening, and had used a $10 bill to pay for his drinks, which is why he had $6 in change and coins.

Pestorious did not admit to entering any vehicles but said that if the vehicle was unlocked he could not be held responsible for any lost or misplaced coins or property. He told police they would need photographic evidence to prove it. Police told Pestorious that a witness had seen him in a vehicle "going through it" and now the owner was missing coins that he had on his person.

On Oct. 4, a Vine Street resident brought a CD with security camera footage from the resident's home. The security footage showed Pestorious going through multiple vehicles. Theft from motor vehicle charges were sent to the Pierce County District Attorney.


• At 1:37 p.m. Oct. 3, police were sent to an address in the 200 block of South Third Street to meet with a probation agent for a home visit. Eric Craig Borden, 49, River Falls, received a .05 result on a preliminary breath test. Borden was arrested for a probation hold and taken to Pierce County Jail.

• At 5:10 p.m. Oct. 6, an officer on patrol on Main Street near Cascade Avenue saw a vehicle the officer recognized as belonging to Brandon Scott Larson, 27, River Falls, who had an active St. Croix County warrant out for his arrest. The officer saw Larson go into Holiday and followed Larson into the gas station, where he arrested him and took him to St. Croix County Jail.

Keeping warm in the restroom

At 5:59 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, a caller told emergency dispatch that three people had been in the east side Glen Park restrooms for at least 10 minutes. River Falls officers met with the caller, and then met with Jessica Joy Weberg, 40, River Falls, who told police the three were homeless and trying to stay warm inside the restrooms. Weberg appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance with "lethargic behavior."

Weberg emptied her pockets and handed an officer a prescription bottle containing a couple of pipes used for marijuana and another container that had marijuana residue. Weberg admitted to smoking marijuana in the restroom, with two men who were in the men's room. Police met with them, and nothing illegal was found in their pockets. Weberg was arrested and taken to the police department.

Police searched the men's room, where they found a camera bag and coin purse. Inside the bag, police found a clear baggie with a "crystal like substance" inside, and two sets of broken glasses. Another pipe was found inside the men's room. A syringe was found in the women's restroom.

Weberg told police the glasses were hers but she doesn't know to whom the camera bag belongs. She denied using any drugs other than marijuana. She allowed police to search her arms for injection marks. Two possible marks were found. Weberg told officers she had had blood drawn the previous day at a River Falls clinic. Another suspected injection site was found on top of her left hand. Weberg was cited $187 for possession of drug paraphernalia and released.