A drunk, erratic woman resisted arrest, attacked officers and fled from a Prescott police officer's car after she had been cuffed on Oct. 24.

Megan R. Larson, 30, Prescott, was allegedly kicked out of the Broad Street Bar after she drunkenly attacked several bar customers, was later approached by police, whom she attacked, and escaped a police car. Prescott officers later arrested Larson and charged her with battery to a law enforcement officer, obstructing an officer, resisting an officer and disorderly conduct.

Pierce County Court Commissioner Jorv Gavic ordered a $25,000 signature bond with additional conditions for Larson at a Oct. 25 initial court appearance. Larson's preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 3.

According to the complaint:

A Prescott Police Department officer was waved down by a woman outside of Scab's Bar in Prescott, at 11:44 p.m. The woman informed the officer that a "highly intoxicated" woman was hitting people at Broad Street Bar and was acting "out of control."

The officer saw the woman, Larson, and a man walking away from them. The officer attempted to approach and discuss the situation with Larson, but she was wary and resisted arrest, swinging her arms at the officer.

Another officer was called to respond, and the two officers were able to restrain Larson. As the officers searched Larson, she kicked, growled at and attempted to bite the searching officer.

In a bar witness interview, the witness claimed that Larson punched them repeatedly as they attempted to get her to leave the bar.

The person who hailed down the officer claimed that they had attempted to check on Larson's condition, but Larson swore at them and attempted to hit them as they walked away.

After the interviews, the officer found the window of their car to be fully down, and Larson to be missing.

The other responding officer chased Larson and eventually was able to find her, with one hand out of the handcuffs, attempting to enter a closed and locked Freedom gas station. When she saw the officer, she ran away from them before turning and taking on a "fighting stance." The officer was able to restrain Larson to the ground, and the two officers transported her to the Pierce County jail.

Once arriving at the jail, Larson continued to resist officers and was later taken to a jail cell.