Update: In April 2019, mail theft charges against Wegleitner were dropped.

WOODBURY - Dominique Marie Wegleitner, 32, of St. Paul, faces three counts of aiding and abetting mail theft. She had previously been charged with stealing the identities of at least 200 people and is awaiting trial for felony identity theft.

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If convicted, Wegleitner faces up to 20 years in prison and $100,000 for the identity theft charge, along with up to three years in prison and $5,000 for each mail theft charge.

According to the criminal complaints:

A Woodbury resident reported to police on Oct. 13, 2017, that her checks had been stolen and were being used at Cub Foods. Police were able to identify Wegleitner and her vehicle using surveillance images provided by Cub Foods.

The resident contacted police again on Nov. 29, 2017, saying that more of her stolen checks had been cashed or used at various Wells Fargo bank locations. Upon requesting information from Wells Fargo, a Woodbury detective allegedly determined that Wegleitner had made several deposits from stolen checks totalling $3,879.15 on Nov. 1, 2017. She was identified using surveillance photos.

Prior Lake police located Wegleitner on Jan. 5, 2018, after identifying her vehicle. She provided a fake name, referred to in the complaint as J.M.R, which matched a real Minnesota driver's license with the same address as her other real Minnesota license bearing her real name.

Police determined it was the same person in both photos, though Wegleitner tried to alter her appearance by wearing glasses in one photo but not in the other. Woodbury police confirmed that J.M.R. is a real person who looks nothing like Wegleitner.

Upon searching Wegleitner's vehicle, police allegedly found a checkbook and numerous loose checks written out to J.R. (same as J.M.R.), a fake city of Woodbury employee identification card with Wegleitner's photo, US Bank withdrawal slips, a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance card, a bank statement, and various credit and debit cards, all belonging to people who had reported them missing or had not given Wegleitner permission to possess them. Police also found two fraudulent Minnesota driver's license applications.

Checks found in the vehicle totalled $88,058.12.

The account balance information, a college photo ID, Social Security number, date of birth, phone number and address of one individual, who did not give Wegleitner permission to have them, were found in the vehicle as well. Upon further investigation, police determined the college photo ID was fake.

In addition, identifiable information, sensitive documents and mail belonging to another 200 or more people were located in the vehicle.

A warrant for Wegleitner's arrest was issued on June 13, after which she was arrested and held in county jail until posting bail. A pre-trial hearing for the charge of felony identity theft was scheduled for Dec. 17.

On Nov. 6, Woodbury police were contacted by a resident who reported that a vehicle was pulling up near mailboxes and the occupants of the vehicle were removing mail. The caller followed the vehicle and provided law enforcement with updated information on the vehicle's location. Police later stopped the vehicle near Woodbury Drive and Hudson Road. Upon approaching the vehicle, officers saw a large amount of mail on the passenger floor board and between the driver and passenger. The driver was identified as Alisha Marie Feiner, 39, and the passenger would later be identified as Wegleitner, who initially gave the officers her sister's name and birthdate.

When the officers discovered Wegleitner had provided a false name and birthdate, she admitted to doing so because she had several active warrants. After a search of the vehicle, 216 individual pieces of mail from 23 total residences on or near Whistler Point Road in Woodbury were recovered. Several pieces of mail contained what appeared to be sensitive documents pertaining to investment accounts, life insurance policies, medical bills, checks, and other documents that would contain unique account or identifying numbers. Also located in the vehicle were several packaged pre-paid transaction cards and an embossing machine that is known by law enforcement to be frequently used to commit fraud. Law enforcement was able to make contact with three of the individuals whose mail was taken on Whistler Point Road. All three individuals said they did not know Feiner or Wegleitner and had not given either of them permission to remove items from their mailboxes.

Wegleitner posted bail on Nov. 8. The charges for three counts of mail theft are pending.