Update Feb. 11, 2019: All charges of this case have been dismissed.

LAKELAND - A Mahtomedi man was charged with a firearm violation on Nov. 25 after allegedly threatening another man with a gun.

Brandon Gilbert Bacchus, 35, has been charged with a firearm violation after a previous felony conviction, as well as second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon after a previous felony conviction. He faces up to 15 years in county jail and $30,000 in fines if convicted of the first count and up to seven years and $14,000 if convicted of the second.

Bacchus was released with conditions on Nov. 26. His first court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 10. According to the criminal complaint: Washington County sheriff's deputies were dispatched Nov. 25 to a Lakeland residence for a person with a gun.

The man who called authorities said his ex-girlfriend, who had been living with him, announced she was leaving. As she packed up her things, the man heard a knock on the door.

When he answered, Bacchus was allegedly standing on the front porch. Bacchus allegedly arrived with the woman. The victim told Bacchus he was not welcome in the home. Bacchus responded by cursing and saying he wasn't leaving.

After repeatedly asking Bacchus to leave, Bacchus allegedly pulled a handgun from his jacket pocket and pointed it at the victim.

The woman then came out of a side door on the house and yelled that the cops were coming. Bacchus allegedly waved the gun around as he went back to his vehicle. After the two left, the victim called authorities.

About 30 minutes after deputies took the victim's statement, the woman called the Washington County Sheriff's Office and said she was at a Mahtomedi residence associated with Bacchus. Upon arrival to the location, deputies found Bacchus and arrested him.