A 26-year-old Bay City man was charged on Oct. 15 with alleged child abuse of a baby after taking care of the child by himself for the first time.

Ryan Reynolds allegedly caused several bruises to a 10-month-old baby, including on the child's head, cheek and sternum. Reynolds told a Pierce County Sheriff's Office investigator and county human services worker that the child's injuries occurred in mundane situations where issues had arisen, like incorrectly taking the child out of his truck and incorrectly feeding the child with a bottle, according to a criminal complaint.

According to a complaint:

An Aug. 10 an X-ray indicated the child had a "buckle fracture" on the arm, which is indicative of physical abuse. The complaint detailed that it was one of four accidental injuries, and one questionable injury to the 10-month-old baby.

Before the X-ray was completed, the child's other parent, Reynolds's ex-partner, reported the injuries to Pierce County Human Services on July 23. The injuries allegedly caused the baby to have issues eating, be crabby, throw up and pop blood vessels in its eye.

Reynolds told police that his ex could not have caused the injuries, according to the complaint.

She said Reynolds told them the child had either hurt itself while falling out of a car or a car seat and hitting its head on the door.

Police and the human services worker interviewed Reynolds about the child's injuries on July 30. Reynolds used a teddy bear to demonstrate to them how the injuries might have occurred, saying that when he had tucked the child under his arms and kneeled over to grab a diaper bag off the floor of his truck, the child jerked forward and hit its head on the window. Reynolds told the officials the mouth injury could be from putting the bottle too far into the child's mouth, but was not sure how the sternum injury occurred.

In a follow-up interview the next day, Reynolds said that the sternum injuries could have occurred at the same time the baby jerked in Reynold's truck, as he attempted to secure the child by gripping him around the chest. He also said the child's cheek could have been bruised from turning the baby's head toward the bottle while attempting to feed him, according to the complaint.

If convicted, Reynolds could face up to $10,000 in fines and be imprisoned up to three years and six months.

Reynolds was released on $10,000 signature bond on Nov. 26. He has a preliminary hearing on Jan. 28 at the Pierce County Courthouse, according to court records.