A Spring Valley/Elmwood wrestler is facing battery charges from a Nov. 28 school altercation, according to a criminal complaint.

Felony battery charges were filed against Santana Schlegel on Jan. 7, alleging that Schlegel pushed another student into a locker after a brief argument, causing injuries. According to the criminal complaint, Schlegel apologized for pushing the student and attempted to "get [the other student] cleaned up," but the school nurse saw the injured student and took him into her office.

Spring Valley High School Principal Gretchen Cipriano said in an email that the school cannot comment on student issues. Spring Valley/Elmwood wrestling coach Bill Hofacker did not respond to requests for comments. Schlegel, a Spring Valley student, wrestled at two different competitions on Jan. 10 and Jan. 12.

According to the criminal complaint, the hurt student's parents alerted the police and filed the initial police report. Police later interviewed the parents, the hurt student and Schlegel and his mother.

Both students said in the complaint that the shove started with a minor argument between the two. The alleged injuries from the push caused the student to experience sensitivity when looking at television, his phone and lights; and it caused a cut on his nose.

The police officer wrote that in surveillance video they could not see the hurt student have any physical contact with Schlegel.

Schlegel told a Spring Valley police officer that he had no intent to push the student as hard as he did or hurt the student. Principal Cipriano provided the officer with a text message Schlegel sent to the hurt student, which asked if he was okay and apologized.

Schlegel has an initial court appearance on March 11 at the Pierce County Courthouse.

Substantial battery charges carry up to a $10,000 fine and up to three years and six months in prison.