Pierce County authorities said they were met with a fortified door and a camera keeping watch on the outside of a Bay City home where a raid was conducted last month.

The raid, executed Feb. 20 at W6298 Main St., led to the arrest of a resident who was later charged with an array of drug-related crimes.

The Pierce County District Attorney's Office charged 21-year-old Patrick D. Sullivan with three felonies: maintaining a drug trafficking place, methamphetamine possession and bail jumping. He is also charged with misdemeanor possession of THC, controlled substances, an illegally obtained prescription and drug paraphernalia.

Pierce County Court Commissioner Jorv Gavic ordered Sullivan to be held on $25,000 cash bond at a Feb. 21 hearing. Sullivan pleaded not guilty to all charges at his Feb. 25 arraignment.

According to a criminal complaint:

Pierce County investigators, along with the department's SWAT team, went to Sullivan's home at 5:26 a.m. Feb. 20. Deputies reported difficulty breaking down the door, which an investigator said in his report took only one strike to breach during a November 2018 raid at the same home.

Investigators later found the door had been reinforced with a 4-by-4-inch post and two 2-by-6-inch boards.

An investigator noted in his report that during the November raid, he had confiscated two outdoor security cameras. Deputies on Feb. 20 found what appeared to be a new camera wired to the home's interior; that camera was pointed at the road, allowing the viewer to see people approaching the house.

Three monitors were later found inside the house.

Sullivan, found in the living room, was the only person in the house. An investigator tried interviewing Sullivan, who didn't give clear answers to questions.

Officers also detained a man suspected of living at the home. He told investigators he only spent a couple nights there, but said he and Sullivan used methamphetamines. That man was released without charges.

A search of the house turned up a loose floor piece that concealed a backpack containing gun parts. A bag of suspected meth, along with a scale and pills were found inside a loose vent in Sullivan's bedroom.

A pretrial conference was set for March 12 at the Pierce County Courthouse.