A convicted sex offender and his girlfriend were arrested this month amid child molestation allegations in River Falls.

The Pierce County District Attorney's Office charged 56-year-old River Falls resident Michael D. Condon Sr. with one count of first-degree child sexual assault. Condon's girlfriend, 39-year-old Mary J. Phillips, was charged with felony child neglect with a sex offense as a consequence.

Condon had pleaded guilty in 2008 to two counts of child pornography possession in Pierce County. He served three years in prison for the offenses and was placed on the sex offender registry for life, according to court records.

Pierce County Court Commissioner Jorv Gavic ordered Condon to post $10,000 cash bond at his initial appearance March 8. Phillips, who lives at a separate River Falls residence, was released March 8 on a signature bond.

According to a complaint:

River Falls police took a complaint March 6 from a man concerned about a child living with Phillips, who was in a relationship with Condon. The caller knew Condon was a convicted sex offender.

Another officer later learned Phillips and the child spent a night at Condon's where the child was first sleeping on the floor. Condon made Phillips bring the girl to bed with them.

That information prompted an investigator to contact Pierce County Human Services, which had already been alerted to other concerns about the child's well-being.

Authorities later interviewed the child, who said Condon touches her back under her clothes. He once touched her buttocks over her clothes, the child said. Investigators also learned the child had been left alone in the past with Condon.

Phillips was also interviewed. She admitted to filing a child molestation report in 2016 against Condon, though she now thinks another ex-boyfriend was the perpetrator.

Phillips described an instance when Condon went into the child's room and laid in bed with the girl. Phillips left him in the room with the child and went to bed. The child had reported a similar instance to police, saying "he did this because he wants to snuggle with her," according to the complaint.

Phillips said Condon later brought the child to their shared bedroom and the three of them went to bed together - an arrangement Phillips said made her uncomfortable.

"I asked her why she allowed it and Phillips could not explain," the investigator wrote in her report.

Phillips later admitted to leaving the girl alone with Condon. She said she was worried the whole time she was away that Condon would hurt the child.

Condon denied allegations of being left alone with the child. He also denied snuggling, kissing, hugging the child or touching her bottom. Condon admitted to sleeping in bed with the child in years past.

Condon's preliminary hearing is set for March 28. A preliminary hearing for Phillips was set for April 30.