RIVER FALLS — A 77-year-old River Falls man reported being scammed out of $67,274.

According to a voluntary statement filed with the Hudson Police Department Aug. 6, a man named “Richard Cooper” was promoting a deal in June 2019 offering to deposit $4,000 each month to accounts of those who allowed him access to identification and financial account information.

The victim of the scam willingly gave the suspect all personal information including social security, bank and credit card numbers.

The suspect's identity is unknown, but the victim told River Falls police that Cooper is not his real name and that Malaysia would show up as a location on his phone’s caller identification.

After listening to three voicemails still saved by the victim, River Falls police found the suspect’s accent to sound like one from the south Asia region and a crowd of voices could be heard in the background.

According to a report from the River Falls Police Department, Cooper had the victim put $42,200 on almost 40 gift cards and share their serial numbers with him over the course of six weeks. The suspect also withdrew large sums of money from four of the victim's bank accounts and used three of his credit cards.

A River Falls police officer told the victim that because the suspect most likely lives in Malaysia or another country, the department would not be able to go any further with the investigation.