A female reported to be unconscious and allegedly using intoxicants and cocaine turned violent after a Hammond police officer responded to 1110 Broadway St. in Hammond March 23.

Patient-turned-suspect Jessica A. King, 38, Hudson, is facing charges of battery to law enforcement officer, two counts of battery to emergency rescue worker and resisting an officer. If convicted, she could face up to six years in prison and $10,000 in fines for each felony count.

Three Baldwin EMS units, one Baldwin police officer, two St. Croix County Sheriff's deputies and one St. Croix County sergeant assisted the Hammond officer on scene around 8:42 p.m.

During the event, King was put in handcuffs and leg irons to control her allegedly combative, violent behavior while swearing and hollering at officers and medical personnel. Because King was uncooperative and resistant, those responding bound her to a stair chair to transport her out of the home after which she was sent to United Hospital in St. Paul in an ambulance.

King's initial court appearance will take place June 6 at 1 p.m. at the St. Croix County courthouse.

According to a criminal complaint:

A Hammond police officer was dispatched to the Hammond residence where a female was reportedly unconscious.

Upon arrival, the officer observed people standing on the porch waving at him as if in distress. In the kitchen, the female, identified as King by the friends in the house, was laying on her back on the floor. She appeared to be unconscious with shallow breathing.

The officer made contact with her, shook her shoulder and told her who he was, asking if she was alright and if she was in pain. King did not respond and the officer continued to speak with her, knowing EMS was en route to the scene.

One of the residents informed the officer that King was allegedly very intoxicated and was using cocaine. The officer notified dispatch and began to leave to get Narcan overdose treatment from his squad car when King opened her eyes.

King told the officer she did not feel good and the officer explained EMS was on the way. King attempted to get up, but the officer suggested she stay there until EMS arrived.

She swore at the officer and stood up. The officer asked how she was doing and her eyes widened and she attacked him. King bore fists and swung at the officer while lunging toward him, her right hand making contact with the side of his face. The officer secured her right arm across his chest and pulled her to the floor, stomach down with her arm across the small of her back in a chicken-wing type hold before calling to request police reinforcement.

The officer told King several times to stop fighting and resisting as she was kicking and screaming. He struggled to contain her.

A Baldwin EMS worker arrived and assisted the Hammond officer, though they struggled to get handcuffs on King who stated she would stop resisting if she could only talk to EMS.

The officer agreed and released her. She stood up and calmed down to begin talking with EMS but became aggressive again and the EMS worker stated he was kicked in the groin.

A Baldwin police officer arrived to assist and observed King punch the EMS worker in the arm.

The Hammond officer brought King to the ground again and the Baldwin officer relieved the EMS worker and assisted with restraining King and securing handcuffs.

The Baldwin officer was kicked in the pelvic area and upper leg area by King.

The officers continued to tell her they were there to help her and tell her to stop fighting as she violently resisted.

At this time, other EMS workers were observing in the kitchen and St. Croix County Sheriff deputies arrived to assist.

EMS brought a stair chair in place of a bed to contain King. King resisted sitting in the chair and kicked the dispatchers before officers restrained her and secured her in the chair.

EMS gave the Hammond officer permission to administer a sedative, but he was unable to do so with assistance as King was too assaultive even while restrained in the chair.

Once officers began moving her chair to remove her from the home, King used her feet to push against counters to obstruct the officers' actions.

Ankle cuffs were placed on King while still in the kitchen before she was finally sedated in the ambulance.

A second EMS unit arrived to transport a juvenile girl to the hospital. People at the residence told law enforcement the juvenile was also doing cocaine. The girl became combative with police while placed in a squad and at the hospital.

The Hammond officer and EMS decided King should be transported to United Hospital in St. Paul for best care. He deferred charges and King was not arrested at that point.