A man was waiting in a vehicle outside a Twin Bluff Road residence early Tuesday morning, May 21, 2019, when he was shot on the right side of his neck, according to a criminal complaint against the alleged shooter.

John Paul Smith told authorities he heard a "boom" and then his ears began to ring. Smith spoke with investigators at St. Marys Hospital in Rochester hours after being shot, saying he felt his neck and knew he was hit.

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John Charles Roberts, 18, of Red Wing, faces attempted murder and assault charges stemming from the incident.

According to the complaint:

Smith and three others drove to 1910 Twin Bluff Road around 2 a.m. Tuesday, with Smith and another occupant sitting in the vehicle's backseat. The driver was the first person to go into the house and the front seat passenger followed a few minutes later. Smith told investigators that after 10 more minutes the house went dark, at which time he stuck his head out of the vehicle and heard a gunshot that hit him in the neck. He said he heard two more gunshots after being hit. Smith told police that he believed the shots came from the upstairs window.

Smith and the other backseat occupant fled the vehicle on foot to Launa Avenue and Burton Street, where emergency services were called at 2:44 a.m.

Smith told investigators that he believed Roberts was the one who shot him. When asked why, Smith stated that hours before he had seen a video on Snapchat of Roberts holding a handgun. A screenshot later provided to police allegedly shows Roberts holding a black and silver handgun pointed at the camera.

Smith stated that he has not spoken to Roberts in two months and had never stepped foot in the Twin Bluff Road residence.

Investigators searched the vehicle and found a bullet hole in the backseat. They recovered that bullet as well as one lodged in the framework of the vehicle's hood. Later, they returned to the scene and found the third bullet in the driveway.

Authorities also interviewed Roberts' cousin, who had entered the Twin Bluff Road residence and spoke to Roberts about an assault that she said she endured a few days earlier. After telling Roberts about the assault, the cousin stated that Roberts was "really really drunk" and "went and got his gun."

The cousin did not say whether Smith or any other individuals were involved with the assault, but said she was assaulted by two males, the criminal complaint states.

The cousin told investigators that Roberts said, "I'm going to shoot those people outside," and then Roberts opened the window and fired a gun, the complaint states.

Officers arrested Roberts at 7:25 a.m. Tuesday. During questioning an investigator said he believed Roberts may have thought he was trying to protect his cousin, to which Roberts responded, "Yeah." Roberts requested that his lawyer be present, ending the interview.

Roberts faces charges of first-degree attempted murder, second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault and a dangerous weapon charge - all felonies.

Roberts was being held in Goodhue County Jail as of Thursday on $700,000 bail with no conditions or $500,000 bail with conditions. His next court hearing is scheduled for June 26 in Goodhue County District Court.