ELLSWORTH -- Pierce County Sheriff’s Office responded to an armed robbery in progress at DS Liquor 9:27 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 2. Upon arrival officers made contact with a male holding a cellphone in his hand — later identified as Scott A. Neuman, 57, Ellsworth.

With their weapons drawn, officers said they ordered Neuman to drop the phone, put his hands in the air and turn away from the officers. Neuman complied and was handcuffed, according to the criminal complaint. Officers then asked Neuman where the knife was and he said it was on the counter. Neuman was taken to Pierce County Jail pending formal charges of armed robbery to a business.

According to the complaint:

Two store employees were present at the time of the robbery. One reported that Neuman raised a knife in the air and was waving it around, saying that he was going to rob the store and told her to call the police. Before the employee could make the call, Neuman said he would call the police. While Neuman was on the phone with dispatch, the employee called another employee up from the back of the store. Neuman set the knife down when he went to make the call.

Neuman submitted a preliminary breath test but showed no signs of alcohol or drug impairment. When asked what happened, Neuman stated he woke up and thought he should go rob the liquor store. He reported that he just snapped, went to the kitchen and grabbed an approximately 12-inch long knife. Neuman stated he wanted to get thrown into jail.

Neuman was released from jail on Nov. 4 on a signature bond. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for Dec. 17.