RIVER FALLS — The River Falls Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau sent a notification to chamber members on behalf of the River Falls school district Dec. 4 warning of a scam posing as an invoice connected with River Falls High School.

The scam was sent in the form of a mailed invoice to local businesses asking for a $189 payment to be sent to Sports Media, an alleged company from Maryland. The invoice was for a River Falls High School 2019-2020 winter sports poster and indicated the recipient's account was "long past due."

River Falls school district superintendent Jamie Benson said the scam was first recognized about a month ago by a local business. Another local business recently came across it as well.

"There is no legitimate address to send a cease order. This scam has been going on for a decade. The company invoice says they reside in Maryland but the fake company address is from Las Vegas," Benson said. "We have called the phone and left a message to cease but no return call. We will also advise the local police department."

No residents have been affected by the scam as of Dec. 6, Benson added.

The Dec. 4 email from the chamber addressed to chamber members said the district will provide credible and appropriate information if or whenever seeking financial support from businesses.

Further questions may be forwarded to Benson at 715-425-1800.