WOODBURY, Minn. — An alleged domestic incident at a Woodbury residence has a man facing three felony charges.

Carl Joseph Fiorito, 49, was charged with domestic assault, false imprisonment and making terroristic threats, all felonies. He was arrested and booked into the Washington County Jail on Dec. 10.

If convicted, Fiorito could face up to three years in prison and a fine of $5,000 for both the domestic assault and false imprisonment charge, plus up to five years and $10,000 for the terroristic threats charge. His first court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 18.

According to a criminal complaint, a Woodbury police officer responded Dec. 7 to a report of false imprisonment in the 6000 block of Falstaff Road. A woman reported Fiorito held her against her will for more than five hours after he became angry about her speaking on the phone with a male. After she asked Fiorito to leave and seek mental health treatment, Fiorito allegedly became violent, grabbing a baseball bat and a hatchet, following the woman around the house. He allegedly threatened to kill the woman if she tried to call the police.

Fiorito then followed the woman as she tried to seek shelter in the bedroom and threatened to kill her dog with the bat, after which he placed his hands around the woman's neck and choked her. He then allegedly swung the bat around the room and attempted to hit the dog, but hit the woman's arm instead. Aftwards, Fiorito allegedly paced around the house with the bat and the hatchet for the next five hours.

Fiorito allegedly told the woman that if police came to the house he was going to have officers shoot him. He also put on multiple layers of clothing and a snowsuit, saying he wanted to prevent police from using a Taser on him. The woman said she feared Fiorito would use the hatchet on her if she tried to leave the home. She eventually convinced him to take an Uber to a friend's house in Minnetonka.

At one point, Fiorito also contacted law enforcement and asked to speak with the officer handling the case, saying he had had an hours-long argument with his girlfriend and had overreacted. Because of the possible suicide-by-cop threat, law enforcement sent out a KOPS alert and pinged Fiorito's cellphone. Minnetonka officers made contact with Fiorito's friend, who said Fiorito left his home on foot. Three Minnetonka officers eventually located and arrested Fiorito, who was then taken by ambulance to Hennepin County Medical Center for a mental health evaluation and treatment for a possible drug overdose. Fiorito was later booked into the Washington County Jail.