A Hastings man faces three felony charges after the alleged theft of a utility task vehicle and trailer.

On Dec. 5, Hastings police received an anonymous tip that a trailer reported stolen from AA Auto in September was at the Hastings residence of Bryce Thomas Horning, 25. An officer observed a Chevrolet Tahoe with an attached trailer parked on the street. The Tahoe had expired registration and was towed along with the trailer. Police confirmed the trailer attached to the Tahoe was the missing trailer from AA Auto.

Five days later, Hastings police received information that Horning had allegedly acquired the Tahoe in exchange for a stolen UTV after arresting a man for driving after cancellation. The man told police that Horning had “stolen the John Deere UTV from Hastings High School and that the person Horning traded the UTV to did not know it was stolen.”

Police discovered that the vehicle was listed to sell for $800 on Facebook Marketplace for parts in November. Horning had responded to the Facebook ad and offered to exchange a John Deere UTV for the Tahoe. Police made contact with the party who placed the ad and investigated the UTV that had been traded, locating a Frontier Ag and Turf sticker on it. A Frontier Ag and Turf employee confirmed with an officer that the UTV had been serviced in 2018 and that the owner listed was the Hastings High School baseball team.

Police spoke with the head coach of the baseball team who stated that the team had a UTV that was put away in locked storage Oct. 13. An officer went to the garage and found it unlocked and the latch bent. The baseball team’s UTV was missing from the garage. Officers determined that the UTV exchanged for the Tahoe was stolen from the baseball team’s garage.

The baseball team also reported the theft of two Weltron speakers and multiple boxes of baseballs.

On Dec. 13, officers performed a search of Horning’s residence. Officers located a box of baseballs, a Weltron speaker, a John Deere UTV owner’s manual and key, and other suspected stolen property.

Horning was charged with second-degree burglary, theft by swindle and receiving stolen property.