NEW RICHMOND -- Two men have been charged with first-degree homicide after a New Richmond man was killed in a shooting Thursday, Aug. 20.

Joshua Michael Cameron, 36, New Richmond, and Andrew Jacob Helmueller, also known as Sovereignty Joseph Sovereign, 28, New Richmond, were both charged with first-degree reckless homicide in the shooting that killed 53-year-old Richard Rose of New Richmond.

Cameron was also charged with endangering safety by reckless use of a firearm, two counts of throwing or discharging bodily fluids at public safety workers, felony bail jumping, resisting an officer and carrying a concealed weapon.

Additional charges for Helmueller include second-degree recklessly endangering safety and three counts of felony bail jumping.

According to the criminal complaint:

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Police responded at 9:41 p.m. to 635 W. Eighth St. for multiple reports of a shooting and a suspect fleeing the area.

Officers were waved into the top unit where they found multiple people surrounding the victim, who had one gunshot wound to the thigh. Officers applied a tourniquet, and the victim was transported by ambulance to Westfields Hospital, where he later died.

Witnesses told police the victim had been in another apartment when they heard shots, and he rushed out saying, “They shot me,” before going into his own apartment, where officers found him.

Police were told Helmueller and Cameron were both in the apartment at the time. Rose and witnesses told police Cameron was the one that shot the victim.

The two men were seen leaving the scene in a white van. Dispatch received calls within the hour about a white pan passing another vehicle at a high speed on 125th Street, and then nearly running over a pedestrian near Wisconsin Drive.

A vehicle matching the description was found in a parking lot outside apartment buildings on West Ninth Street. Authorities found Helmueller in the vehicle and took him into custody.

Officers engaged in a foot pursuit of Cameron in the wooded area of 374 Ninth Street. At one point, Cameron threw a beer can at the officers. He did not comply with commands, and an officer deployed a stun gun on Cameron. He was then handcuffed.

While waiting for an EMS evaluation due to the stun gun deployment, Cameron repeatedly spit at officers. A spit hood was placed on his head and his legs were secured. Cameron pulled away from officers while being moved into the back of a vehicle.

A search of Cameron’s residence found two handgun holsters and several types of ammunition.

An autopsy determined that Rose died of the gunshot wound. A bullet consistent with a .22 caliber firearm was found. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide.

Cameron and Helmueller will appear in court Sept. 3 for a preliminary hearing.