Tom Severson hasn’t been getting much sleep lately. As general manager at Marschall Line bus company, which provides busing service for Farmington schools, he and his staff had everything ready for the 2015 school year. But the county’s announcement last week delaying until October the opening of the section of 195th Street between Everest Path and Pilot Knob Road upended all his plans.

“It was last Wednesday when we learned we weren’t going to be able to use 195th,” he said. The routes had been settled, transportation forms had been distributed and schools had been notified. “When we learned of the closure, we started over again. I basically worked all weekend. It’s draining just trying to make sure we’ve got everything thought through.”

The traffic circles at Flagstaff Ave. and Akin Road are still expected to be open by Labor Day, so buses will be able to access Meadowview and Akin Road Elementary schools on 195th. But because the entire section of 195th won’t be open, buses will have to be rerouted west and south to Hwy. 50 or north to 170th.

In addition, three extra buses will be needed to drive students who normally would walk to school.

“It’s created a mess,” Severson said. “There will be expenses passed onto the district.”

The additional bike trail on the north side of 195th and the new tunnel passing under the street to Meadowview Elementary School will eventually allow an additional 80 students to walk from nearby neighborhoods. Those students will now need to be bused through October as well as the usual 170 walkers from the Charleswood neighborhood.

In order to get everyone to school on time, the start and release times had to be altered, Severson said.

The middle schools will release at 2:15 p.m., 10 minutes earlier than usual. The high school will release five minutes earlier, at 3 p.m. Meadowview Elementary, the school most affected by the closure, will start 15 minutes later at 9:15 a.m. and release 15 minutes later at 3:45 p.m.

Severson said he’s the one that pushed to get the barrels and cones set up early on Hwy. 50 so people could get used to the traffic flow from Flagstaff Ave. The cones funnel eastbound traffic into the right lane so traffic turning left from Flagstaff will have a clear lane to accelerate in before merging with traffic. Severson said that intersection is the one he’s most concerned about. He has 16 buses leaving Farmington High School on that route. He has requested police assistance as well.

Severson said once 195th opens, he’ll be ready to change the routes for the third time and all start and release times will return to normal.

This and other traffic changes will keep law enforcement busy. Parking along 195th Street by Akin Road Elementary School will be prohibited once the roads open. Ninety new parking spaces have been added to the school’s parking lot, for a total of 211, to accommodate the extra traffic generated by sports events and school programs, city engineer Kevin Schorzman said. Twenty-eight no parking signs will be installed along the roads involved in the project, he said.

Violating the no-parking ordinance could result in a fine of $125. Going around Road Closed signs is a $120 fine.

Once 195th is open, residents will still have to contend with the closure of the 195th and Pilot Knob Road intersection in September.

Dakota County Construction Engineer Ross Beckwith said the Pilot Knob traffic circle should be done and the road open before winter starts. The county’s website puts the completion date for the entire project at next July. Beckwith explained that the final step is seeding the disturbed soil with grass, which cannot be done until the weather warms up.