On Saturday, June 4, from 8 a.m.-noon, the New Richmond FFA - along with the FFA Family, Friends and Alumni group - will be hosting a Dairy Day Breakfast in the back parking lot at Doyle’s Farm and Home in New Richmond.

“We are excited to be partnering with Farm and Home and the event will be held in the parking lot behind their store,” Sauvola said. “We are also partnering with Johnson’s, Bernard’s and Frontier Ag & Turf.”

The event will feature a pancake breakfast with pancakes, ham, sausage, cheese curds and milk as well as activities for families - pedal tractors, a petting zoo, a replica cow to milk.

“Apparently, long before I came to town, Dairy Day was a really big deal and I haven’t … been able to dig up any of the facts or figures or history of the event,” Sauvola said, “but everybody tells me that the older crowd in our community will remember how local bankers and businessmen had a cow-milking competition. There were trophies and always a hat and the hat was a really big deal. Each year there would be a different one and they were collectors items. So we are just looking forward again to celebrating the farmer.”

One of the main reasons Sauvola decided to bring back Dairy Day is because she feels people in the community could use a reminder of how important agriculture is and how hard farmers work to keep food on our tables.

“Our community is getting farther and farther away from our traditional agricultural roots,” Sauvola said. “So we are hoping that we can join together for a stretch of time and re-celebrate that production agriculture expert.

“It is said right now that a farmer feeds 155 people, which is up from 25 in the early 1960s. So, certainly with technology, the production has increased and we have been able to up the ante, but we need to celebrate the people that work hard every single day to help us put food on our table. Food does not come from the grocery store. There is a long line of people who help to put it there.”

The cost for the breakfast is $6 for adults, $3 for children ages 6-12 and free for children under the age of 5.

“We are just hoping for a family-friendly little stop before people head to the Park Art Fair since that is happening the same morning,” Sauvola said.

Those who wish to attend the breakfast can park in the parking lot behind Farm & Home where a parking crew member will be to help guide them to where they can park.