The big kid pushed the smaller one to the gym floor at Math and Science Academy in Woodbury.

Other students watched from the bleachers as the kid picked himself up and bully high-fived a friend.

After a couple of awkward beats, one kid stood up and confronted the bully.

"Cut!" called director Karl Demer.

The scene was repeated several times. When given the cue, the student actors reentered the gym, where the bully, Zack Hagstrom-Skalnel, 17, again shoved Riley Kane from behind.

The scene was part of a two-day music video shoot at the charter school. The results will be used to promote "Shooting Star," an original song penned and played by a band of four siblings, all of whom attend MSA.

Mattie, Wisdom, Bennett and Cadence Nunn first met Demer when he booked them as a last-minute replacement at a cancer benefit concert in January.

His son, Kaden, also attends the school. He recommended the group, but Demer was skeptical. How good could a middle school rock band be?

Plenty as it turned out. Demer was impressed enough to record the band playing "Shooting Star" at his company, Atomic K Records & Productions in Minneapolis.

"While we were recording the song, we said, 'What's the next step?'" Demer said. He and parents Michelle and Edward Nunn brainstormed the idea of a video that would hammer home the song's message of personal growth and anti-bullying.

"They felt strongly that this is something they wanted to share," Edward Nunn said.

His children, who have yet to settle on a name for their band, include: Mattie Nunn 14, on keyboards; Cadence, Nunn, 16, on bass and vocals; Bennett Nunn, 13, on guitar; and Wisdom Nunn, 11, on drums.

The band was set up on the stage on the opposite side of the gym, where they ran through repeated snippets of "Shooting Star" as Demer slowly panned his camera

"We wrote that song about individual people and how they all have the potential to be amazing," Cadence Nunn said.

The band is recording a CD.

Participants in the two-day shoot included members of the MSA orchestra and drama club, as well as assistant school director Romelle Pornschloegl.

"We didn't pull them out of class," she said. "This is their free time."

The cast of the video also included Aaron Nightingale, Brady Sahr, Ryder James, Andrew Barnes.