Lauren Hauger is respectful, thoughtful, and kind. She is responsible and shows others that they matter. Lauren participates and puts forth her best effort in all she does. Lauren is a fantastic student and a pleasure to have in class.

Sawyer Fox continually demonstrates the qualities needed to be a highly successful student. Sawyer is a hard worker who wants to do his best on everything he does, and pays close attention to details. Sawyer is a focused, organized, and inquisitive student who is consistently on task and adding to class discussions in thoughtful and meaningful ways. He is a role model and leader among his peers. Sawyer is someone who can always be trusted to do the right thing. He cares for our school and everyone around him. Sawyer is an excellent student, and an asset to Somerset Middle School.

Tori Eichten is a great example of a student who follows the philosophy a Top 20 thinker. She is able to look ahead and plan out what she needs to do to be successful. Her ability to focus on what needs to be done serves as a model for her classmates to follow. Tori is always the first to volunteer to help others. She is calm and nonjudgmental when helping others. She is an asset to our class and to Somerset Middle School!

Paige Schmit is an outstanding young lady. How do we know? Paige is always engaged in class. She is part of class discussion either through asking questions or answering questions. Paige is one of the first to volunteer in math class to show how she solved the problem on the board. Secondly, Paige is one of the first to offer help to another student or an adult. If you watch her in class or just in our building she is one of our leaders that is there for others and doing the right thing when no one is looking. Lastly, Paige has a great demeanor about herself. She greets you with a smile and strives to do her best at all times.

Lucas Rhein can be counted on to be prepared for class and ready to give his best efforts. Lucas shows confidence in his work yet is willing to ask for assistance if he needs it. He strives to do well and learns from the moments of struggle. Lucas is a great friend and leader among his classmates. This can be seen in our rooms and hallways. He has led by example in the areas of using passing time well, assisting classmates that struggle with lockers, his engagement in class activities, and willingness to put his ideas out there in discussion. Lucas, thank you for all that you do on a daily basis. We truly appreciate and are lucky to have you here at Somerset Middle School!

Makena Ducklow brings an energy into our rooms! She enters class with a smile and an eagerness to be part of what is about to happen each day. Makena is always in engaged in class and a willing participant in the classroom activities. She shows leadership by leading discussion as well as being willing to ask for clarification when she is unsure. Makena often offers assistance to her classmates if they are struggling. She is very good at explaining her understanding to her peers in a way that helps them be successful too. Makena has a great drive to do well and excel here at Somerset Middle School. Makena your teachers would like to thank you for all the great things you bring to us by honoring you as student of the month!

Lauryn Mangelsen displays many of our Top 20 qualities. Lauryn is a good friend to her classmates. She is helpful and kind. She shows others that they matter and helps others succeed by her actions and words. Lauryn works hard in her classes striving to do her best each day. We enjoy having Lauryn in our classrooms!

Mathew King chooses to be a positive leader within his class. He is a good friend to his classmates and helps them succeed. Mathew is a hard worker and always tries his best in and out of class. Mathew helps to make our school community a better place to be and learn!

Breck Weldon his continuous hard working personality. Breck seems to enjoy challenging work and competing with classmates to achieve academically. He is kind and thoughtful to those around him, and he works to be a part of the school community.

Leo Fay is an excellent student. He participates well in class with insightful comments. He also works well independently and makes an excellent effort on his class work. Leo is friendly, respectful, funny and outgoing!

Ashley Knefelkamp for her bravery in the classroom. Ashley is willing to take risks and answer questions she is not always sure she has right, and because of her bravery other students participate and share ideas. Ashley is a leader in the classroom and treats everyone around her with kindness and respect. She consistently works hard to understand and succeed. She is a role model of a student!

Kennedy Harty is a wonderful member of our class, showing both academic effort and amazing character. She gets all of her work done on time, participates in class, and is willing to help others who need it. Her insightful additions to classroom discussions show her ability and willingness to think at a higher level. In addition, she is polite to classmates and staff members, and she's just a generally wonderful person to be around!