Lily Mathews continually demonstrates the qualities needed to be a successful student. Lily is a highly-trusted leader and role model among her peers. She sets an excellent example for her classmates to follow. Her contributions to class discussions are thoughtful, insightful, and frequent. Lily always tries her very best, no matter what she's doing. She cares for our school and everyone around her. She is a phenomenal student, and an asset to Somerset Middle School.

Inara Siskow is responsible, thoughtful, and caring. She is extremely respectful and goes out of her way to help her classmates and teachers. Inara upholds our classroom agreement of helping others to succeed, communicating others matter, honoring the absent, and seeing a problem and fixing it. Inara is a wonderful student and an asset to the fifth grade class.

Coby Blackhawk is a wonderful young man who truly is a great example of someone who is a Top 20 thinker! Coby is a great role model for his classmates to follow! He is always calm and that rubs off on all who work with him. Coby quietly goes about getting his work done and he has been known to help others figure out what they should be doing. Coby is an asset to our class and to Somerset Middle School.

Ella Reese is a top-notch student who is always willing to go the extra mile. Her positive attitude is ever present as she consistently arrives to class with a smile on her face. You can count on Ella to add wisdom and thought to class discussions as well as her own work. Thanks for being an amazing role model, Ella!

Ayden Grover is a student every teacher wants to have in class. Ayden is not afraid of hard work, always striving to do his best on every task set before him. Determined and kind are two qualities that describe Ayden's character day in and day out. Thanks, Ayden, for making SMS a great place to be!

Chloe Boreen's commitment to working hard is apparent in the quality of the school work she completes. She is extremely conscientious of getting things done on time and makes sure they are done well. The eagerness to learn that Chloe demonstrates is inspiring to classmates and will serve her well in the future. Thanks, Chloe, for making the world around you a better place to be!

Owen Parnell chooses to be a positive leader within his class. He is a good friend to his classmates and helps them succeed. Owen is a hard worker and always tries his best in and out of class. Owen helps to make our school community a better place to be and learn!

Brooklynn Amador is a responsible, diligent student who helps others to succeed by working with and helping them. Brooklynn strives to make SMS a better place by being respectful, friendly, and cheerful. We are thrilled to have Brooklynn in our school!

Joseph Thao is an outstanding seventh grade student. Besides being a great student that always gives his full effort, Joe is also a great human being. Joe is always willing to help out a friend or a staff member with anything that they may need. When Joe sees the problem he fixes the problem. He is always helping others succeed, whether that means giving a friend help on some school work or helping a teacher get their room ready for the day. Joseph Thao exemplifies what a Somerset Middle School student should be!

Samantha DeGeest is a well-rounded student who adds to classroom discussions. She can often be found helping others in any way possible. This caring attitude toward schoolmates combined with her willingness to learn and grow make Samantha a wonderful example to all.

Kennedie Haukom's willingness to share ideas among her classmates and treat others with respect and consideration is exceptional. She puts forth effort on her daily work, improving her own learning experience and those around her. Kennedie is kind and positive in and out of the classroom!

Ethan Waskul does a great job academically. He works hard in class and participates well. He is always respectful and polite in class. Ethan is also friendly and kind to his peers, even acting as a volunteer role model at fifth grade recess. Ethan is outgoing and has a great sense of humor.