For the second year in a row, a St. Croix Central High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) member was selected as the Regional Vice President for Region 1. Because of that honor, which went to senior Tyler Miller, the school district will once again host the Region 1 Regional Leadership Conference.

"We started planning the event about a year in advance, which includes booking the facilities, scheduling the workshops and planning for food," said FBLA coach Nicholas Haug. "We will use the entire high school, from the classrooms to the conference rooms to the school store during the event. Registration is done through the state office and shared with each region, but we are responsible for finding judges and making copies of everything that is needed for events once the numbers are finalized."

FBLA has been in Wisconsin for 76 years and focuses on business, technology, and related areas. This year's Region 1 Regional Leadership Conference is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 3, and will go all day as students compete in one of 70 events, such as creating a website or video, taking a test, participating in role play and giving a speech.

"On the day of Regionals, students will participate in the opening session, listen to campaign speeches, and participate in a March of Dimes Miracle Moment," said Haug. "The kids will also go into a voting session to vote for the new Regional Vice President and vote on the new trading pin design. Opening sessions begin at 8:30 a.m. with the competitions starting around 10:15. Schools will leave for home around 3:30 p.m."

According to Haug, SCC High School will host about 500 students, approximately 50 advisers and chaperones, as well as roughly 50 judges as part of the Regional Leadership Conference.

"Students that place in the top three move on to the State Leadership Conference, which is being held in LaCrosse this year. The top four at state move on to the National Leadership Conference, which is being held in Baltimore," Haug said.

St. Croix Central also supplied last year's Regional VP in 2017 grad Michael Sauer, which is why they were able to host the regional conference last year.

"This year, Hank Berger (class of 2019) is running against students from Colfax, Chequamegon, and Superior to be the new Regional VP," Haug said. "The Regional VP works with the other State Officers to plan the year, recruit new chapters, grow existing chapters, plan the State Leadership Conference. They also work with me and my co-adviser to plan the Regional Leadership Conference. They are also involved with scholarships, the March of Dimes and are part of monthly conference calls with their fellow VPs as well."

This year's SCC FBLA team is made up of 35 students who will take part in Website Design, Public Speaking, Digital Video Production, Accounting, Organization Leadership, Parliamentary Procedure and Emerging Business Issues at the upcoming conference.

"In addition to the competitive portion of FBLA, our students do a lot with volunteerism, business exploration, and operate the Panther's Den school store," Haug said.