"We need to celebrate the community," Ellsworth School Board President Doug Peterson said at Ellsworth's new elementary school's open house. "That's not just the people in Ellsworth, but all of the people in this school district who have made this building possible."

Peterson along with Superintendent Barry Cain and Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce President Paul Bauer had a long list of people to thank at the Ellsworth Elementary School's open house on Monday, Jan. 29.

"We put a plan together, we put it out there, and you supported it, and we thank you very much for that trust that we see every single day," Cain said to the open house's crowd. "Your support is valuable to our success. We are truly thankful for this building, and it's going to be a great asset to this community for a long time."

The open house ran from 5-7:30 p.m. and was followed by a performance from the new school's students and a celebratory ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Bauer concluded the celebration by saying, "Big ideas start small. With hard work and passion they grow to the point where they can catch some momentum to become reality. And this school certainly fills that path."