An estimated 100 or more students participated in a student-led walkout Wednesday, March 14, at River Falls High School. The local walkout was one of many held around the nation in response to the Parkland, Florida school shooting last month on Feb. 14. 

Several students held up hand-written signs with messages such as, "Am I next?" and "Your silence is killing us."

Junior Marie Domeyer, 16, said she joined the walkout, because every life is important. 

"So many people have lost their lives," Domeyer said, "and it's almsot gone, like, unnoticed, like, in the government, like, it doesn't seem like anything is going on and if they're not going to make a difference, then, like, soemone's got to step up and do that."

The local walkout was organized by high school seniors Emma Vik and Britta Carlson. Students walked out of the high school, and gathered around the flagpole. From 10 - 10:17 a.m. the students stood in silence broken only by the sound of wind blowing, passing cars, and once a minute, the reading of a name.

For each of the 17 minutes of the walkout, the name of one of the victims of the Parkland shooting was read.

Following the walkout, students were able to return to their homerooms or gather in the commons area, where those who are 18 could register to vote. Any who wished could also write questions to be answered in a forum, set for Thursday, with Principal Kit Luedtke and District Superintendent Jamie Benson. Luedtke announced after the walkout that the town hall-style forum would be held during Focus time next Thursday.

See the March 22 print edition of the River Falls Journal for more.