Four East Ridge High School juniors were designated finalists in the 2018 COMAPS' Mathematical Contest in Modeling. Leah Restad, Christopher Liu, Christine Severude and Jackson Anderson participated in the contest for high school students and college undergraduates. It challenges teams of students to clarify, analyze and propose solutions to open-ended problems.

Students worked in their own schools during a 36-hour period from Oct. 27-Nov. 20, 2017. Each high school team chose from two modeling problems offered and then constructed their solutions. This year's contest attracted students in over 900 teams from more than 250 schools around the world.

The results of the contest designate teams as Outstanding, Finalist, Meritorious, Honorable Mention,Successful Participant or Unsuccessful. The ERHS team was among 569 teams that selected the same problem. Of those teams, six were marked as Outstanding and 40 were designated as Finalist. The ERHS team fell into the Finalist designation, putting them in the top 8 percent of the competing teams attempting the same problem.