FARMINGTON-Brianna Ostoff is the new director who will lead the umbrella of programs under Farmington Community Education.

Ostoff, 34, joins the administrative district staff after working five years for Independent School District 191 in Burnsville, Eagan and Savage schools as a youth service coordinator.

"Farmington caught my eye because of your superintendent and his vision to bring innovation into your school district," Ostoff said. "I love Farmington because it focuses on the social and emotional development of all ages."

As a youth service coordinator, Ostoff worked with high school students to engage the youth via community service, projects and programs.

Ostoff said becoming a director of community education is her dream job.

"It is in a district that is growing with an amazing location and I am incredibly excited about it, and the fact that it is encouraging and all the innovation and it encourages outside-of-the-box thinking and there is community growth and collaboration - those are all things I believe school districts should become to be successful," Ostoff said.

She sat down with retiring Director Heidi Cunningham to listen and learn. Ostoff said hopes to foster a work culture where staff can grow.

"I hope they can explode their passion into creative programming," Ostoff said.

Inspired to pursue education as a career path, she was influenced by her father who taught school and ran the ice rink and youth hockey programs in Cloquet. She also worked in summer youth camp programs in the Brainerd area.

"Those are all experiential, athletic things with education where you are not just teaching sports, but you are teaching social and emotional things and you are not just camping," Ostoff said.

"You are not just teaching them to survive in the woods, but you are teaching them social and emotional development," she said. That was rewarding and fun.

"I am really excited to work in this community and get to know the community," she added.

Ostoff begins leading Farmington Community Education the second week of July.