Meyer Middle School has announced its October Students of the Month. They are as follows:

Sixth grade Gold House

Izabell Dusek is the daughter of Kara Dusek. Izabell is a joy to have in class. She cares about her classmates and perseveres through difficult tasks. Keep being the kind and helpful person you are. Izabell has a dog named Uma and another dog named Jaxx. Izabell is helpful and compassionate. She would like to become an architect; she would like to design a hotel with a pool for dogs.

Beau Reed is the son of Brian and Rebecca Reed. Beau has made an incredible transition to middle school. He is kind and responsible, always prepared and asks good questions in class; keep up the good work, Beau. Beau is interested in U.S. history and aviation. He enjoys playing board games and card games and spending time with his friends. Beau's favorite class is health. Beau would like to see all of the continents, except Antarctica, it's too cold there.

Sixth grade Blue House

Mariah Sandberg is the daughter of Michael and Michelle Hansen. Mariah shows great attention to detail and turns in quality work. Also, she is kind, polite and always thinks of others first. Mariah's favorite subjects are literature and language arts. She plays the trombone in band; she has three sisters and a brother. Mariah loves to read, write and help other people. Mariah would like to make a difference in the world.

Ty Bauschelt is the son of Andy and Kady Bauschelt. Ty is extremely hard working, participates in class and always asks great questions. Ty is always polite and courteous to his teachers and classmates. Ty likes to play basketball with his friends, he looks up to his family and teachers; his favorite teachers are Mrs. Cartier and Mrs. Olson. Ty would like to become a marine biologist and study sharks. He would also like to inspire people by being respectful and kind.

Seventh grade Gold House

Emily Van Ausdal is the daughter of Michael and Hjordi Van Ausdal. Emily is a person of integrity. She always wants to do the right thing. Kind, analytical and respectful are words that describe Emily. She is passionate about basketball and soccer. She loves all of her teachers; they get her excited about learning. Emily would like to play college basketball.

Gage Van Wagner is the son of James and Jessica Van Wagner. Gabe is a kind, respectful and responsible student. He enjoys learning and goes above and beyond what is expected of him. Gage really likes basketball and football. He is mostly a Minnesota Vikings and Twins fan. He loves school; his favorite teacher is Mr. Stokes. Gage would like to play MLB for the Twins, visit New York and go to a Vikings game.

Seventh grade Blue House

Megan Odegard is the daughter of Teri and Jeremy Odegard. Megan is always engaged and actively listening in class. She always has a positive attitude. Megan works hard and maintains high standards. She enjoys playing with her two dogs and her five guinea pigs, going on family trips and ice skating. At the top of Megan's bucket list is to become a service dog trainer.

Christopher Montgomery is the son of Aoh and Tim Montgomery. Christopher has a kind heart. He is also a responsible, mature and independent student. He is a positive role model in and outside of the classroom. Christopher has a brother and a sister. He is sensitive and would like to treat others the same. Christopher wants to get a good job that pays well so he can help out his family and others.

Eighth grade Gold House

Cooper Cernohous is the son of Jeff and Kristi Cernohous. Cooper is an enthusiastic, respectful student. He has a great sense of humor, loves to read, swim and ski, and would like to be a physicist or chemist. Cooper enjoys math class. He says you can make anything fun, you can make jokes, start competitions or just enjoy whatever you are doing. On the top of Cooper's list is to live a happy life.

Lucy Hanson is the daughter of Shelby and Stacey Hanson. Lucy is a kind, respectful student. She loves drawing and her pets. In the future, she dreams of owning an animal shelter. Lucy is 13 years old; she has a twin sister named Lily, a bunny, frog and two dogs. She enjoys swimming and drawing. Lucy likes to hang out with her friends and walk down to the Kinni. In her future she would like to meet Collins and Devan Key, ride an elephant, visit Norway and Paris, swim with dolphins and get a Bernese mountain dog.

Eighth grade Blue House

Claire Vaught is the daughter of Kelly and Brian Vaught. Claire is a role model for her peers. She is organized, punctual and respectful. She always demonstrates a positive attitude, doing her best on every assignment. Claire works well with other students, always setting a positive example for her classmates and making good choices throughout the class period. She is friendly and kind and treats staff and students with respect. Claire loves horseback riding, trap shooting, hunting with her dad and spending time with her family. Music is also important to her; she has played piano for seven or eight years and takes part in state competitions. Claire would like to visit France and become a computer programmer/web developer.

Brody Rudolph is the son of Ben and Abbey Rudolph. Brody consistently demonstrates a positive attitude within schooling as well as in his interactions with peers and teachers. He is a diligent and hardworking student who always talks to and is helpful to classmates. He is respectful to others and works well in small groups by setting example for his classmates. Brody takes responsibility for his actions and displays consistent positive character traits. Brody loves to be active. He enjoys the outdoors, playing sports and hanging out with friends. In his future he would like to go to college, get a good job, have a family, catch a baseball at a Twins game and go to a Super Bowl.