Since voters passed the two-question referendum last month, the Red Wing School District highlighted the upcoming levy increase during the annual Truth and Taxation meeting Dec. 3.

The board stopped its regular meeting to begin the tax hearing at 6 p.m., which began with a presentation by Jackie Paradis of School Management Services.

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Paradis highlighted the 32 percent increase from 2018 to 2019 for the general fund. The main reason why the increase is so large is the Nov. 6 referendum passage.

The general fund will increase from $6,020,044 million in 2018 to $9,290,819 million in 2019.

An increase of taxes was also highlighted, with Paradis using the average price of a home in the district, $150,000, and how it would impact them whether it's agricultural land, commercial or residential.

The following are examples of tax impact from 2018 to 2019:


• 2018: $133

• 2019: $139


• 2018: $602

• 2019: $528


• 2018: $481

• 2019: $669

Since the referendum was not a building bond, agricultural land is not heavily impacted, rather just an acre of where the home is located on the property.

The levy may only be set at the current amount or reduced. It can't be increased before the start of the new year.

Paradis did say the district will be able to relieve debt during the 2020 school year when the building bond referendum for the high school and Burnside Elementary expire.

The board took no action and will discuss the levy and budget Dec. 17.