Meyer Middle School has announced its November Students of the Month. They are as follows:

Sixth grade Blue House

Nora Nygaard is the daughter of Nate and Tanya Nygaard. Nora turns in quality work and always pay attention to detail. She is very artistic, responsible and is a silent leader in the classroom. She is a true pleasure to have in class. Nora enjoys baking, playing soccer and basketball; she likes to be competitive. It makes her feel a sense of joy. Nora says her parents inspire her to work hard at everything she does. She also enjoys traveling with her family, as well as spending time with friends. Nora says she "just loves life." In her future she would like to travel to every continent and all 50 states. She would like to become a baker or a pediatrician, as well as a soccer and basketball Olympic player.

Elliot Olson-Jensen is the son of Jay Jensen and Wendy Olson. Elliot is always positive and upbeat in the classroom. He is friendly to everyone, and thrives while working in groups. He is hardworking, creative and very artistic. He truly wants to be successful. Elliot loves the color green and animals, especially turtles. He enjoys playing baseball. He is a big fan of the Brewers. Elliot enjoys vacations and would like to play for the Brewers. He would also like to go to Japan and Australia.

Sixth grade Gold House

Abby Gilbertson is the daughter of Jim and Tracey Gilbertson. Abby is a quiet leader. She asks good questions. Abby is also kind, responsible, hardworking, and has adjusted to middle school well. Abby has one brother and one cat. She enjoys playing soccer, basketball and gymnastics. She also enjoys traveling and going to the cabin. In the future Abby would like to become an interior designer. She would like to go to the Olympics in soccer, basketball or gymnastics.

Connor O'Malley is the son of Pat and Kristin O'Malley. Connor is outgoing and sets a good example for his peers. He has a positive attitude and always tries his best. Connor would like us to know he has seven people in his family and two pets. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, golf, baseball and cross country, as well as video games and playing outside. He would like to become a software engineer. He would like to bring his whole family on a cruise. He would also like to be on the high school golf team.

Seventh grade Blue House

Josiah Domeyer is the son of Neal and Stephanie Domeyer. Josiah is a meticulous and hard worker. He positively adds to the class discussion and is respectful to teachers and students. Josiah would like us to know that he has two brothers and two sisters. His favorite hobbies are reading, playing soccer and listening to music. His favorite subjects are literature and math. His brother Caleb inspires him because he is always there when he needs him.

Kiera Anderson is the daughter of Christy and Brandon Anderson. Kiera strives for excellence in her work and in her relationships with staff and students. She is always very helpful, polite and kind. Kiera would like us to know that she is a competitive dancer and has been for the past four years. She has two siblings that continue to make her laugh after 12 years of living with them. Her friends motivate her to stick with all of her crazy ideas even when she does not finish them. Her favorite subject is science and she hopes to become a medical pathologist. Kiera would like to travel to at least three countries; it has always seemed so fun to see all these beautiful and exotic places.

Seventh grade Gold House

Ashley Washburn is the daughter of John and Gail Washburn. Ashley is a kind and genuine person. She is very confident in who she is, which allows her to share her strengths with others. Ashley always leads with character and is a role model for her peers. Ashley has a brother named DJ and he is one of her best friends. Ashley enjoys drawing and anime, and her favorite subject is social studies; she says Mrs. Nickleski is amazing. In her future she would like to become the CEO of a major company. She would also love to go to Japan.

Jackson Rock is the son of Ann Hensley and Dan Rock. Jackson is courteous, honest and a person of integrity. He seeks to learn and sets high expectations for himself. In 7 Gold we have noticed Jackson going above and beyond what is expected in seventh grade. Jackson enjoys playing hockey and hanging out with friends. He also likes spending time with his family. His favorite class is social studies because he likes history. His goals are to only get A's and B's in high school, get a successful job, bring the high school hockey team to state and to play high school football.

Eighth grade Blue House

Abigail Morning is the daughter of Linda Morning and Tim Morning. Abigail is a wonderful student to have in class. She participates with thoughtful insights in class discussion and works hard at everything she does. She is an outstanding role model for her classmates with her positive attitude and great work ethic. She sets a great example for her classmates and other students look up to her. Abby likes to play soccer and volleyball. Her favorite class is social studies. When she grows up she would like to become a doctor. On the top of her bucket list would be happiness, because that is all that matters. If you have a lot of money, but you are not happy, that really means nothing.

Quincy Johnson is the son of Lori and Jeffrey Johnson. Quincy is a delight to have in class. He is a diligent and hardworking student who is always on task. Other students can count on him to always do his best in group work. Quincy really enjoys playing basketball. He has five brothers, one sister and a dog. In his lifetime he would like to travel to every U.S. state. He would also like to become a veterinarian. His parents inspire him to be the best he can be.

Eighth grade Gold House

Sophia Jensen is the daughter of Leslie and Bryan Jensen. This month's character trait is citizenship, and Sophia is a great role model of this trait for her classmates. Sophia does all the things that provide the example of what a good citizen does on a daily basis. For example, she is the student who always politely greets her classmates and teacher. Sophia loves gymnastics, and has been involved since she was 6 years old. She enjoys hanging out with her family. The teachers at school have inspired her to become a teacher when she grows up. It is her goal to make at least one person happy or smile every day.

Johannes Rolf is the son of Steven and Jacqueline Rolf. This month's character trait is citizenship, and Hannes exemplifies this through his actions. He has regularly demonstrated kindness, a positive attitude and a desire to learn for the sake of learning. These qualities make him a great example of a good citizen for the other students at Meyer Middle School. Hannes' family is very close and very supportive in his hobbies. He is making a chainmail shirt. He has also started gathering materials for starting blacksmithing. Hannes also enjoys fencing as well as mountain biking. In his future he would like to be a part of revolution reenactment regiment and be on a full contact medieval contact team.