Hastings High School senior Lauren McQuade has been selected as the Hastings Rotary Student of the Month for December.

According to HHS Principal Mike Johnson:

"I would like to nominate Lauren McQuade for the Hastings Rotary Club Student of the Month. I had Lauren last year in chemistry, and after having the opportunity of being her teacher, I was able to get to know her outside of school as well. She has such a strong moral compass and a desire to do the right thing, even when she is the only one doing it. She is constantly serving those around her and striving to be the best person she can be, in her faith, in her academics, and in her extracurricular activities.

"While in class, she could often be found helping other students understand the problems, and teaching them. Her service in the Writing Center and at her church are just a few of the ways in which she serves her fellow peers and the members of the community. In everything that she does, she represents herself, her community and her school well. I truly believe that Lauren exemplifies all of the qualities in the Rotary's 'four-way test' and that she would be a wonderful candidate for their student of the month."