Caitlin Procai is a pleasure to have in the classroom! She has a sunny personality that spreads cheer to her classmates and throughout the classroom. She is always so positive in class. Other students like to be around her. She will go far in life and like so many of our students, we can't wait to see what is in store for her as she grows into adulthood! Caitlin is an asset to our class and to Somerset Middle School.

Lily Peterson is a pleasure to have in the classroom! She is a hard worker who is focused on learning as much as she possibly can while she is at school. Lily is one of the first people to jump in and help someone in need. She will quickly and efficiently help out in the classroom as well. If she sees something that needs to be done, she does it. She will go far in life and like so many of our students, we can't wait to see what is in store for her as she grows into adulthood! Lily is an asset to our class and to SMS.

Ava Banaszewski continually demonstrates the qualities needed to be a highly successful student. Ava is a leader who stands out among her peers and sets an excellent example for her classmates to follow. She is a hard worker who always tries her best. Ava walks into school every morning with a smile on her face, ready to go. Her positive attitude is contagious! Ava cares for our school and everyone around her. She is a phenomenal student, and an asset to SMS.

Nolan Teske is a student every teacher wants to have in class. Nolan is not afraid of hard work, always striving to do his best on every task set before him. Determined and kind are two qualities that describe Nolan's character day in and day out. Thanks, Nolan, for making SMS a great place to be!

Sam Milles' commitment to working hard is evident in the quality of the school work she completes. You can always count on Sam to share a kind word or volunteer to help others who may need it. The eagerness to learn that Sam demonstrates is inspiring to classmates and will serve her well in the future. Thanks, Sam, for making the world around you a better place to be!

Maleah Lytle is a creative, conscientious student. Her calm, gentle nature is a staple of our classroom community. Maleah can be counted on to do the right thing even when others forget themselves.

Adam Tryba is a great student and leads by example. He does what is asked and more with no need for reminders. He is a great example for other students. He knows when is the right time to work. He demonstrates a maturity beyond his years and is what many would call a "quiet leader." He simply goes about his business, showing students how it is done without drawing attention to himself. Along with his quiet leadership skills, he also does a great job of advocating for himself and asking questions when he needs clarification. Adam quietly makes everyone around him better, and I'm excited to continue to watch him grow in the second half of the year!

Victoria Gomez is an outstanding middle school student. She consistently demonstrates all of the traits of the classroom agreement. Victoria makes it a very high priority to make sure those around her succeed and she will do whatever it takes to make that happen. She is a very caring student. Victoria always makes sure that her classmates know they matter to her. Victoria truly epitomizes what it means to be a Somerset Spartan!

Hayley Settem is a well rounded student who excels in all of her classes. Hayley works well with all of her teachers and classmates. She shines academically and sets high standards for those around her. Hayley has a warm, friendly personality. She demonstrates respect to all around her. We are lucky to have Hayley as a part of our SMS community.

Ethan Osborn is a great student. He works very hard in class and does a nice job of participating. Ethan is always polite and respectful; he's also very friendly to his peers. In addition, he is very responsible about getting his work done well and on time.

Emma Handrahan has been such an amazing young lady to have in class. Emma has a wonderful aptitude for being precise and isn't afraid to ask questions or take chances in the classroom setting. Her kindness to her peers is a quality that is sought after and will serve her well in her future academics.

Olivia Haglund has a fantastic work ethic! Olivia tries on every assignment and assessment. Additionally, she has a friendly disposition to all those around her. She treats her teachers and classmates with respect and kindness. Olivia wears a smile on her face almost every day and seems to enjoy school very much. Finally, Olivia was selected because of the positive attitude she displays during the school day.