The Business Principles class at Plum City High School has been working hard on their semester-long project to create a successful school-based enterprise.

The class created a business from scratch, and each member has a specific role in the "company." When the class began, students brainstormed business ideas and possible products/services they could offer the school and community. After completing their own market research, the class decided to produce tie blankets and stainless steel mugs. The students offered two different styles of tie blankets and engraving options for the mugs. Thanks to Mr. Shock, the technology education teacher, the students were able to do all of the engraving themselves. The class sold nearly 100 products to community members, and they have been busy in the production stage for the last two weeks.

"The opportunity to run our own business is an opportunity I'll never forget," said senior Charles Girdeen.

"This was a great opportunity to work together as a class," added junior Maggie Urschel.

"We each had individual roles within the business. My role was to handle the money and keep record of the class's balance," said senior Olivia Miller.

"It has been fun watching this group of students start with an idea and turn it into a school-based enterprise," said PCHS business teacher Melissa Devery. "Their hard work and creativity has made this business a success. I'm very proud of them for all they have accomplished."

With the profit, the class plans to take a field trip to learn about business and marketing careers. They will also stop at a restaurant and speak with the owners about how to run a successful business.