Bitter cold Saturday apparently resulted in burst pipes at Red Wing High School.

Superintendent Karsten Anderson alerted School Board members in the afternoon. Measures to dry out the southern end of the school were well underway.

"We had two water leaks in the high school today. The first one occurred in the upstairs mechanical room of the academic wing. Thankfully, Al Harteneck was in the room at the time checking on cold temperatures," Anderson said in his email, referring to the head custodian. "He called in a custodial crew to dry out carpets, take out ceiling tiles, etc."

The first leak occurred around noon. A few hours later, while the custodial crew was addressing the first leak, a second leak sprung in the lower mechanical room near the science rooms.

Hallways, more than a one dozen classrooms as well as Community Education and Recreation offices got soaked.

District staff members said they were able to turn off the water source, start to dry the carpets, and begin addressing related issues. The Red Wing fire marshal also was called because of the sprinkler system, but fortunately the building is zoned and can be used.

"We are still able to host a basketball game tonight, the MLK breakfast and staff training on Monday, and school on Tuesday, but we are closely monitoring the situation," Anderson added.

Temperatures below zero likely were a factor, according to officials. Still, they were upbeat.

"If there is ever a time for gratitude, this is it. First, Al Harteneck and Alan Gaylor supervised the response and are spending most of the weekend in the building addressing issues. Over 10 custodians gave up their Saturday to help, and several administrators participated in the effort in different ways."