The New Richmond High School Academic Decathlon team defended its regional title for the seventh year in a row on Friday, Jan. 11 at the UW-Eau Claire/Barron County campus.

"It is always quite impressive to see our students compete against other schools," said co-coach Jarrod Hamdorf.

This year's team includes Teresa Tenner, Katey Eickhoff, Cole Brathol, Tyler Sippl, Kadie Steiner, Tony Graham, Erik Mober, Collin Campbell, Liam Hoban, Logan Lammers, David Postma and Peter Auvin.

"If you are unfamiliar with the competition each year a topic is assigned to us and we study several subject areas around that topic. This year the topic is the 60's," Hamdorf said.

Students studied things such as 60's art, music, history of civil rights, the Vietnam War, the absurdist novel "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead," the economics of the Vietnam War, the science of lasers, basic probability and counting. The students also had to write an essay, complete a mock interview and give a prepared speech.

Of the nine overall ribbons that can be won at the regional competition, the New Richmond team took home eight. In the Honors category, the team took the top three spots: first place Teresa Tenner, second place Cole Brathol and third place Katey Eickhoff. In the Scholastic category, the team took home first and second, as well as fourth place: first place Kadie Steiner, second place Erik Moberg and fourth place Tony Graham. The Varsity category also saw the NRHS team take the top three spots: first place Liam Hoban, second place David Postma and third place Logan Lammers.

"I wanted to share this with everyone not simply because I am proud of the work the kids put in but also because these kids have to come to Amy and I with a strong background to even stand a chance," Hamdorf said. "That background comes from all the classes they have taken; I really see this as a school accomplishment not simply a team accomplishment."