The St. Croix Central School Board discussed several different topics during its Jan. 28 regular board meeting, including open enrollment, adding Fund 60 accounts and student enrollment.

The board voted to extend the district's administrator contracts for the 2020-2021 school year, while also voting to not limit the number of open seats for both special education and regular education students.

"Not limiting the number of seats is dependent on the staff we currently have available. We don't have to hire additional staff, but if we have two spaces in a second grade classroom, then we have to allow those to be filled," said business manager Jennifer Kleschold.

The board also approved adding Fund 60 accounts for both the German Club and the Strength and Conditioning activity, by recommendation of high school activities director Jason Koele.

"German teacher Arianna (Wirebaugh) wants to start fundraising to do something different with her German kids. She wants to open up a Fund 60 so she can start making money for the group," Koele said. "As for the strength and conditioning Fund 60, we have started a powerlifting team with 15 students that are participating. The Fund 60 is to help the strength and condition program, as well as help offset the costs of the powerlifting team."

According to superintendent Tim Widiker, the district has 1,614 students in the seats as of the third Thursday count in January. They are up 16 students from this time last year, which is a higher than average bump in students, Widiker said. In January alone, the district added nine new students at the elementary school. Virtual school attendance is also up nearly 30 students from last year.

The school board listened to middle schooler Claire Pommier read her Veterans Day essay, which won the school and VFW level contests and also took second place in the region.

The board discussed its Comprehensive Communication Policy and Plan, which the board hopes will help them spread the word about the good work the students, staff and community members are doing in the district.