Hastings High School senior Drew Davis has been selected as the Hastings Rotary Student of the Month for February.

Below is information on Davis provided by HHS Assistant Principal Kris Husaby:

"Drew is a motivated and mature student. His view of the world is broad, and he seeks opportunities to improve himself and his communities. This varies from volunteering at the local YMCA, to serving as a leader for Youth in Government model assembly, to leading as captain for the baseball team, to helping direct an initiative about diversity and inclusion. As a biracial student, Drew has an important perspective in an almost all-white high school. He is willing to share his perspective on a new committee working to study and improve school climate.

"Drew's greatest attribute as a student is his curiosity. He is driven by his desire to understand and grow. In my college literature course, Drew goes beyond what is required. Furthermore, Drew is polite and respectful. In college literature, the students have several graded discussions each week. These discussions cover controversial topics, but Drew knows how to disagree without being disagreeable. He listens, is kind, is open-minded, and asks questions."