Hastings Public Schools will bring back a full day for classes after a rash of cancelled days since late January.

The School Board voted Wednesday to hold classes April 22, which had been a holiday for Easter Monday, and turn May 10 - an early release day - into a full day. The district cancelled classes Feb. 20, the eighth time it had since Jan. 28, adding to what had already been a decade-and-a-half high.

The state doesn't penalize school districts for missing out on recommended hours, but the district is on target to hit the recommended teaching time for most students except seniors, said Superintendent Tim Collins. Seniors do not attend a portion of the last week of school.

"All of our other students will be right on target with their goals," Collins said.

In a previous interview with the Star Gazette, Collins said that the district had several constraints when bringing back days due to vacation and travel plans for parents and staff. The district also has planned construction at the middle school at the end of the school year, which makes it difficult to extend the school year.

Collins previously said that this year's snow days are the most he's called in his 16 years at the district.

The School Board next meets for a work session on March 6 and a regular meeting on March 20, both are at 6 p.m.