The March Meyer Middle School Students of the Month are as follows:

Sixth grade, gold house

Hazel Schmidt is the daughter of Adam and Rebecca Schmidt. Hazel has a kind and gentle heart. She is a hard worker who perseveres in all of her classes. Hazel has empathy for her classmates and treats everyone with respect. Hazel enjoys playing soccer and volleyball as well as playing with her sisters Ruby and Corinna. She loves when her grandparents and cousins come to visit. At the top of Hazel's bucket list is to become a professional soccer player and have a teaching job.

Calvin Schrank is the son of Nancy Schrank and Jason Schrank. Calvin is a hard worker who participates often in class. He works well with his peers and he is responsible. Calvin has a great sense of humor and is kind to others. Calvin likes to play hockey, he has three cats and enjoys reading. In the future, he would like to play in the NHL.

Sixth grade, blue house

Miranda Aurelia is the daughter of Tiffany Aurelia. Miranda has a very positive attitude and is self-motivated to do well in school. She has shown great growth as a sixth grader this year. She is sweet and polite to both her peers and adults at school. Miranda would like us to know that even though you can go through a hard time, you can still accomplish things. Miranda would like to go to college and become a veterinarian.

Bergen Bernhard is the son of Joshua and Tanya Bernhard. Bergen is very polite and is always found doing the right thing. He is respectful to everyone and is responsible academically. He turns in quality work and asks questions during class. Bergen likes to fish, hunt, bike and snowmobile. On his bucket list is catching a barracuda, visiting Bergen, Norway and being in the MLB.

Seventh grade, gold house

Jenna Lawrence is the daughter of Tim and Linn Lawrence. Jenna is an enthusiastic, hardworking and compassionate person. Polite, positive and persevering are all aspects that describe her. Jenna plays basketball and lacrosse. Her special talent is saying the presidents in order in under 10 seconds. In her future she would like to be in the Air Force, following in her father's footsteps. She would also like to be a veterinarian.

Jacob Range is the son of Sara and Peter Range. Jacob demonstrates the model student on a regular basis. He is polite, highly responsible, positive and persevering. Jacob spends a lot of time playing sports and hanging out with friends and family. He plays football, baseball and wrestles. In the future, he would like to win at High School State Wrestling, then wrestle for D1 and win a national championship there. He would also like to wrestle on a world team.

Seventh grade, blue house

Brenna Frank is the daughter of Curtis and Jana Frank. Brenna is a voracious reader who flies through books. She holds herself to very high academic standards and frequently completes excellent work. Brenna is kind to her peers and is an excellent role model for others. She enjoys reading; her favorite book is "The Hunger Games." She also enjoys math. She would like to read 100 books this summer and be accepted into Harvard.

Julian Duran-Marin is the son of Alicia and Chava Duran. Julian is respected by his peers and his teachers. Julian is always kind, respectful, responsible and hard-working. He maintains a positive attitude that helps create a nourishing and supportive environment in all of his classes. Julian's favorite sport is soccer; he likes hanging out with his friends. In the future, he would like to go skydiving, visit Hawaii and live in Canada.

Eighth grade, blue house

Derek Weissinger is the son of Corey and Kristine Weissinger. Derek is an exceptional student. He is humble and driven. He is extremely self-motivated and pushes himself to learn no matter what situation he's in. He is a positive leader in the classroom as well as out of it. His classmates admire him for his intellectual ability as well as his character. Derek is extremely interested in math and reading, which take up most of his free time. His favorite book is "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck. Derek would like to travel around Europe and make a discovery, no matter how small or insignificant, in mathematics.

Ashley Thompson is the daughter of Rodney and Nicole Thompson. Ashley brings positive energy to the classroom. She has a great sense of humor and a smile on her face every day. She is dedicated to being a quality student and asking for help when she needs it. She has great manners and knows instinctively how to effectively approach teachers as well as effectively interact with peers. Kids who work with her know that she is going to be a positive group member who does her best work. Ashley likes to play volleyball and her favorite subject is math. She likes spending time with her family and friends and going swimming. In her future she would like to swim with dolphins

Eighth grade gold house

Madison Tiffany is the daughter of Amanda Tiffany and Michael Tiffany. Madison shows her positive attitude as a respectful and cheerful student in class and as an athlete in volleyball and basketball. Maddie enjoys playing soccer and volleyball. She has two brothers, Michael and Matt. School is very important in her life because it lets her express herself and meet new people. One thing at the top of her list is to get her Masters and Doctorate degree at ASU.

Nathaniel Fosler is the son of Larry and Annemie Fosler. Nathaniel shows his great attitude by participating in cross country, forensics, track and much more while also being a creative, fun student. Nathaniel's favorite thing to do is run; he is in track and cross country. He does hurdles in track. He also really likes to hang out with friends and when he can relax and sleep. Nathaniel would like to go to Tanzania and climb Kilimanjaro in East Africa.