The Project Lead The Way State Leadership Team selected Hudson Middle School to represent STEM education at the PLTW Day at the Capitol on April 16, 2019.

HMS was invited to send a delegation of Project Lead the Way teachers and students to Wisconsin's Capitol Building in Madison to represent the award winning PLTW STEM program that HMS has built. HMS sent PLTW engineering teachers Christopher Deleon and Jodie Bray along with five of their engineering students (Lexi Brunzel, Jadyn Hartwig, Ava Isenberg, Evelyn Marnell and Tia Salter) to display and present engineering design projects that students work on to legislators, business leaders and other dignitaries in order to highlight the value of their HMS PLTW course work and how the concepts learned in class apply to "the real world."

Brunzel and Hartwig displayed a project they worked on in their Electronics and Engineering Design class aimed at solving a real world problem centered around chocolate-covered pretzel rods. When most people make chocolate-covered pretzel rods and set them down to cool, they end up having a flat wider bottom. The girls designed a way to have chocolate-covered pretzels cool with an even coating of chocolate all the way around. These two young ladies were such great ambassadors of the HMS PLTW program. When asked about their experience, the girls said they heard "you should patent this idea" or "you guys are so young but yet so brilliant." One legislator in particular even commented "How amazing it is at Hudson Middle School that even at a young age you get to experience the benefits of engineering and designing."

Isenberg, Marnell and Salter presented their solution to an engineering design problem that was proposed by an HMS teacher who has young children who leave toys all over the house. The team researched the problem,designed and built a toy box that is the perfect size to hold all the children's toys. This team did a great job at knocking on legislators' doors to get them to come see what they do at HMS.